What is the Best Arm Muscle Exercise

The goal of a lot of beginners, who go the gym for the first time, is getting huge arms. Having incredible arm muscles is something that attracts attention from the girls and also earns respect from guys. Who wouldn´t want to roll up their sleeves and show others their arms. Some even cut their sleeves off to show off. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that. If you havea ferrari, then you drive with it and show others as well. The same thing is with arms. But if you haven´t got anything to show, then you should to something about it. Unfortunatley a lot of people go about their arm training all wrong. If you use the wrong exercises, then your arms just will not grow. If you really want to build huge arms, then check out these arm muscle exercises that are proven to be the best.

Barbell Curl – This is one of the best isolation movements and this really makes you biceps bigger

Dumbbell Curl – This is very similar to Barbell Curls, but this exercise allows you to switch to alternate curls and that way you can cheat a few more reps out.

Close Grip Chin Up – This is an exellent exercise and also one of my favourites. With this exercise you can use your whole body weight, not just move your arms like you do with barbell curls. Moving your body through space also activates higher levels of neuromuscular activation which leads to greater muscular development.

Hammer Curl – This exercise targets the brachialis muscle. If you develop this muscle properly, then it will add a lot of size to your arms.

Incline Dumbbell Curl – Again it is similar to the other exercises. The added strech makes this one also very effective bicep building exercise.

Parallel Bar Dip – This is by far the best exercise to build your triceps. It is very effective because like the Close Grip Chin Up, it your body through space. By the way, did you know that the tricep makes up 2/3 of the upper arm. Don´t make the mistake of only training your biceps.

Close Grip Bench – This is another tricep builder and you can put on some serious weight on the bar.

Angled Bar Pushdown – This exercise really isolates your triceps and it also doesn´t put that much stress on your elbows.

EZ Bar Lying Triceps Extensions – A very effective isolation exercise for the triceps, but it can create some elbow problems so be a little careful with that.

If you really want to get huge arms quickly then you have to use these exercises. Don´t waste your time with other exercises, which are not as effective.

In my opinion these are the best arm muscle exercise

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