What is natural&organic dog food?

Natural and organic dog foods claim to provide excellent nutrients to dogs, as well as contributing to quality and longevity of life. Just as human food can be organic, so can dog food.


Natural and organic dog foods use organic ingredients such as real meat and brown rice. These ingredients provide nutrients and protein to dogs whose diets might otherwise be lacking.


Less Fillers

Cheap dog foods use grain products such as corn, wheat and peanut hulls as fillers because these items are cheap and bulk up the dog food. Natural and organic dog foods use less fillers, meaning they are healthier for dogs. This also makes them more expensive.

Good for Allergies

Natural and organic dog food is usually recommended for dogs who have allergies or skin conditions. The ingredients in the natural and organic dog food, plus the fact that the food is free of artificial colors, flavors and additives, means it can provide relief for dogs with allergies.

Healthy Weight

Natural and organic dog food has better nutritional value than cheap dog food. Dogs tend to eat less food to get the same amount of nutrients, which can help them maintain a healthy weight.


Natural and organic dog food is more digestible for dogs than cheaper foods. This can lead to better overall health, less chance of digestive problems, and a stronger immune system.


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