1. So glad I live in the UK, people have kids without a $30k charge to their
    insurer. Also John Green explained the NHS very well as they demand
    competitive rates from companies so the NHS wins and so does the people.
    The US is ripped off for health care. I feel sorry for you guys, Truman had
    a great idea. Anyone who argues against this is earning average wage and
    above in the US who most likely can afford Health care. Around 6% of my
    earnings goes on National Insurance aka health insurance.

  2. I had health insurance from my job once. I payed 120 in premiums every
    month, and still had a 103 dollar copay–even for a med check!. :I It was
    probably what they call junk insurance… Hopefully there is more
    competition for better plans now.

  3. My dad was telling me how he doesn’t want to pay for someone elses maternal
    care (specific example, basically he just didn’t want to pay for someone
    else healthcare)
    I kept trying to tell him he already was and he wouldn’t believe me.

  4. wtf, even insured, you guys have to pay 20 bucks to be able to see a doctor
    ? In France 20 bucks is the price of the consultation. (okay, it’s 23
    euros, but almost everyone is covered by national security which refunds 16
    out of those 23…).
    The issue is that in the US, the prices of medical services are pushed up
    because of the monopolies. A c section at 50k really ?! here even when it
    gets complicated, or even on a holiday/sunday/whatever, out of your pocket
    you don’t really pay anything above 500 euros. It’s a scam.

  5. I’m just waiting for a healthcare plan that will let me buy coverage for 2
    (me + one) without having to buy a “family plan” (me + one + 2.5 kids) at a
    “family plan” price. I figure we should have those some time in the next
    372 years, right?

  6. Thank God I’m a Canadian. Here in British Columbia, I paid $65 a month in
    premiums but now that I’m married I will pay $120 a month for my wife and
    I. That’s it — no copay, no deductibles, etc. We even get most
    prescriptions drugs covered by the government health care plan!

  7. $350 dollars a month? What a waste of fucking money. How about controlling
    the amount that hospitals can charge?!?! $300 for a fucking saline IV bag?
    Get the fuck out of here!

  8. Here’s an idea: maybe it shouldn’t cost 6,000 dollars to have an ultrasound
    and a prescription for an antibiotic. How in the world are people
    justifying 30,000 dollars for an uncomplicated delivery?!

  9. American hospitals are crowded. People sit in waiting rooms and emergency
    room beds, bleeding into napkins or coughing their lungs out, while they
    wait hours to see a doctor and then get stuck with a bill in the thousands
    even for small stuff like a couple of stitches and a shot of local
    anesthetic. I know it’s just anecdotal, but I’ve been in emergency rooms
    several times in the past few years, and it’s the same every time.

  10. I live in one of those countries with general healthcare, but I do get the
    bill and have to forward it to my insurance. My question is: Why is
    everything in the US like 5 times as expensive?

  11. Can someone explain to me why:
    1) The USA can’t have universally free healthcare for citizens like other
    countries, where healthcare is paid through taxes?
    2) Healthcare in the USA is so expensive? We have the same services and, in
    some cases, better, in Europe, but it’s much much cheaper. . .

    I’m very confused. . .

  12. This sounds very different to what we have in Australia. then again all I
    know is I flash my shiny medicare card and it’s all free :P

  13. In Canada we have a mixed system. For me, the Ontario government covers
    things like ER visits, medical tests, walk in clinics, cancer screenings,
    immunizations, even some preventative surgeries. We co-pay for things like
    ambulance use (if necessary), and they provide subsidies for seniors care.
    Dental care, prescriptions, eye care those kinds of less life threatening
    things, private insurance covers, up to a set amount. 

  14. Why would you take your son to the ER instead of to his regular physician.
    If he just needed some antibiotics, then he didn’t need to go to the ER for
    that. Why do you wonder why your healthcare is so expensive?

  15. Also the medical “industry” jacks prices up unnecessarily high just because
    they can. When the service you provide is called “keeping humans alive”,
    you can charge whatever you want and people will pay it. Or at least
    they’ll TRY to pay it…

  16. You might want insurance for your grandma because paying out of pocket is
    expensive, but the reason why healthcare is expensive is because people
    don’t shop around for it. If insurance covered less of those “routine
    healthcare” then people would actually give a fuck about price rather than
    only quality.

    People who want health insurance to cover more are the ones who screwed
    grandma, and people who want grandma forcibly included are screwing the

  17. I wish I could play this video for every person who comes into the ER
    without insurance or who scream at me because they didn’t realize that even
    with insurance there is a payment you need to make after the service is
    rendered. People don’t read the fine print to things they pay for.

    Also Medicaid is beneficial in some ways but when you see 45 people a day
    in the ER with a stuffy nose and no other significant symptoms or they
    stubbed their toe, presenting their Medicaid card and its the third time
    you’ve seen them this week, you wanna cry and scream. 

  18. @Jesusisyhwh He didn’t know until after the ultrasound at the ER visit that
    all his son needed was an antibiotic, his son could have been in pain and
    an ER visit is the first step. It could also have happened when the regular
    physician was not accessible as well. 

  19. I live in Canada and had bronchiolar pneumonia a couple of years ago. I
    dropped about 20 pounds over 3 weeks (from not eating because I wasn’t
    hungry). When I went to the doctors I got three x-rays and a host of
    antibiotics. I didn’t pay for the doctor’s visit, nor the x-rays which were
    two floors below my doc. And insurance mostly covered the drugs through my
    Mom’s work. Universal Healthcare still has private insurance and they work
    incredibly well together in our hybrid system. I don’t get why Americans
    don’t want universal healthcare now…

  20. I get hit by a car. I have to pay 8.5 THOUSAND DOLLARS for a cat-scan. My
    jaw was fine after all, but I have to pay 8.5K for a fucking cat-scan. I
    can’t pay for it, so to get the city to pay for it, I have to fill out a
    motor vehicle accident police report, provide a form for notice of
    intention to report, along with my insurance plan to show that this shit
    insurance won’t cover me, fill out a household affidavit, provide proof of
    address, and then FINALLY maybe get rejected.

    FUCK AMERICA! The first chance I get, I’m leaving!

  21. It should have really been mentioned early in the video that this kind of
    health insurance is unique to America. While a lot of the terminology is
    similar, people outside of the states can get confused quickly as
    government and private insurance programs and institutions differ widely
    from country to country. 

  22. How can a visit to a doctor + ultrasound total to $6000, it sounds more
    expensive than it “should”. Also, I’m so glad I’m in a proper socialist
    (someone, please yell “damn communists” in a southerner accent!) country!
    We’ve got a system where you pay a small copay depending on your
    treatment/examination, maxing out at ~US$1400 – all paid with tax-money!

  23. I have not needed to go to the hospital or see a Dr. since 2007. I have
    never had insurance. I have saved thousands of dollars over the years, not
    paying into something I never need/use.

  24. But weren’t private individual health insurance plans available to people
    before? Some worse, some better. Was there actually a need for a law
    mandating? Was there a need to spend the amount of tax payer money on

  25. sorry to hear about you getting hit by a car, then with 8.5k bill. You
    know that in other countrys we pay national insurance that covers health
    (and pensions) .

    The nhs costs the avages brit on £25k spends £1,094 a year + £7.85 for
    each perscription (some people get that free), might be time to email you
    representatives and demand national insurance.

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