What Is Broscience?

We know these guys because we see them in the gym all the time. These are the guys that pump heavy iron, grunt while they are doing it, and at always admiring themselves in the mirror. Go over and ask them a question about bodybuilding and most of the time you will begin to hear massive amounts of broscience. This is because they aren’t taking the time to do intensive research into how our bodies work and how best to efficiently build up their muscle and get in shape. These guys are instead listening to what this bodybuilder or that weight lifter said and because they are huge it must be true. This is completely ridiculous and the only reason society as a whole embraces this is because broscience usually ends up sounding better than what the truth is. It would be wonderful if we could pack on 20 lbs of muscle while at the exact same time burn off 85% of all the fat in our bodies. Why wouldn’t anyone want to do that? The problem is if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Examples of broscience

Here are two typical examples of broscience and why they have been proven false. I would wager a guess here that you have heard one of these two big offenders, and maybe even believed them (I sure hope not) to be true.

1. You can burn fat and build muscle at the same time – This concept draws upon the idea that you can do two things at once, thus halving the time it takes to get into shape. This is pure broscience because your body cannot be in a caloric surplus and a

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