What Is Acai And What Does It Do?

by Rachel Saunders
(London, UK)

The acai is a type of berry fruit which grows on palm trees found in both Central and South America. These ’acai palm’ trees, which are very quick to grow, can eventually end up at heights of anywhere between fifteen and thirty meters high.

The acai berries that grow on the feather-shaped leaves of these trees are small round and purple colored, with a strong resemblance to grapes. They are used in their places of origin in the production of drinks and other refreshments, due to the sweet flavor of the juice that they produce.

Aside from this however, the health benefits offered by acai berries, have also seen them utilised in the various nutritional products sold online by major health product manufacturers at sites likewww.hollandandbarrett.com

There have been lots of rumours and speculations concerning the precise health benefits offered by acai, with less scrupulous health product providers making unsubstantiated claims for their weight loss properties.

Ultimately however there is little hard and fast evidence to support the claim that products containing acai help you to lose weight. What the acai products sold by reputable sites such aswww.hollandandbarrett.com will give their users is a useful antioxidant.

The term ‘antioxidant’ means that acai helps to break down the notorious ‘free radical’ molecules within the human body, which have been linked by scientists with a range of illnesses and diseases – including cancer for one. The primary ingredient in acai that gives it this antioxidant quality is anthocyanins, which emerge as a result of the fact that the berries grow in areas where there is extreme sunlight.

The anthocyanins provide the berries with the antioxidants needed to survive this constant exposure to the UV rays of the sun, and which subsequently can have such beneficial effects for humans when taken in capsule or drink form. Have a look at the range available from Holland and Barrett, you can also find more information on their website.

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Updated: February 19, 2014 — 11:32 am

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