What is a healthy family?

Families need to know what constitutes a healthy family today. While a “perfect family” might not be feasible, there are ways to keep a family “healthy” physically, emotionally and relationally.


No relationship can effectively operate without open communication. Express feelings, dislikes and dissatisfaction, as well as interests and ideas.

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Mutual Respect

While children should respect their parents, they also want to know that their ideas and feelings are validated and understood. Respect privacy, along with differences in style, communicative openness and interest.

Love, Love, Love

Not only do children need to feel the security of unconditional love, but parents crave it, too. No family gets along at all times, but it should love at all times to be healthy.

Seeking the Positive

A trait that seems “bad” in a child can be a virtue later in life. For instance, the stubborn child who is a challenge will be likely to stand up to peer pressure, fight for a good job or stand up for what is right. Think about how a perceived “negative” can be a positive, and reinforce those behaviors.

Physical Health

There is power in a family that is committed to fun in the outdoors along with a healthy diet. Create a pattern of lifelong physical health, and reinforce the benefits that come with maintaining it daily, which increases nutrition, a healthy brain and feel-good endorphins.


If you don’t enforce, children won’t adhere, and reinforcing ideas as small as the “golden rule” to things as big as avoiding harmful substances and behaviors is crucial early on in influencing the types of children you would want to influence others.


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Raising a Healthy Family

The Healthy Family

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