What is a healthy diet for a swimmer trying to lose weight?

I have looked at many weight loss diets and many restrict carbs, but I look at information about a swimmer's ideal diet and the main food is carbs.

How do you go about losing fat if you swim for 1hr/day for 4-5 days/week.

Regardless of your fat, protein, carb ratio, as long as calories in (eating) is less than calories out (burned off thru exercise and metabolism) you will drop weight.

The first thing you need to know is how many calories you need to “maintain” your weight (calculators will ask how much you currently weigh, height & work-out schedule). From there you can create a diet that is around 500 calories less than what you need to maintain (a 500 calorie deficit every day for 7 days will result in a loss of a pound..ie it takes 3,500 calories.). If you need “carbs” than you can focus on complex carbs (whole grains) to provide energy through-out the day.

Edit: There is a reason that health experts suggest only 1 – 2 pounds of loss a week. 500 – 1,000 calorie deficit is tough enough for most people…dropping it below that just isn't practical / healthy. This is especially true for people that are already healthy or close to healthy weights (and is what makes them anorexic).

Heavy people can drop off 500 – 1,000 calories a day easy but that is usually because they can eat 3,000 – 3,500 calories to “maintain” there current heavy weight. So what if they cut back to eating 2,000 calories a day that is still a good amount of food.

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