What is a good weight loss supplement and workout plan for a new mom?

I am almost 6 months after giving birth. I had a cesarian section and that was my first child. I breastfed up until a few weeks ago, and all I did was gain weight from it; not that I mind because giving my son the best start in life is well worth it. I gained a whopping 65 pounds while pregnant and I was 130, 5'4 before I was pregnant and I have not lost 1 pound since. So, I'm still 195. I eat extremely healthy, I do not eat meat, only fish. I do take anti-depressants to help out with my PP depression. What is the best weight loss pill to help me? I know that no pill is a magic pill without exercise and proper diet, but I have tried OxyElite Pro in the past pre pregnancy but I never really had to lose weight so it never did anything. What are good weight loss supplements and a good workout plan that is realistic with a having a baby. I'd love to lose atleast 50 pounds by summer. Thank you


The best weight loss supplement is water and as much sleep as you can squeeze in (I know, tall order). Lack of enough of both can lead to fat storage.

Eating “extremely healthy” is up for debate. Lots of people make that claim due to misunderstanding what healthy actually look slike. Look again to your protein balance to carbohydrates. Make sure you are eating a high-protein diet. Avoid things that say “low-fat”– they are NOT good for you, ever. That's a common trap. Do consume healthy fats.

As an example, many vegetarians claim that their diets are wonderfully healthy just by right of all the veggies and such they eat. Bull. Do you know how many overweight and even obese vegetarians there are? I'm just saying, a diet needs to be balanced. If you're not able to lose weight, it isn't balanced in a way that works for your body. The general way to find the correct balance is to continue to increase protein/fat intake and decrease carbohydrate intake until you find a fat-burning level that works. Eating too few calories is more likely to lead to extra fat storage and a confused body rather than weight loss, too, so don't restrict much. Only calorie-count if you suspect you aren't eating enough or if you think you're eating way too much.

When I first started losing weight 2.5 years ago, I was shocked to discover that the reason I had been steadily gaining was because I was eating too few calories per day and eating the wrong kinds at the wrong times. Balancing my diet properly toward higher-protein, eating MORE calories (yes, really!) daily and spreading them out throughout the day with the heaviest meals earlier on = steady weight loss.

Regarding exercise, I would recommend craigslisting for a jogging stroller (you can pick one up for $40-$50 instead of the over $300 they cost new) and downloading a Couch to 5K app to your phone. Running is the cheapest and yet most effective ways to lose weight–of course only when paired with a properly balanced diet. If you're up to it, there are tons of wonderful workout DVDs these days. I love workout DVDs, but I'll be honest that I didn't much of them until after I'd joined a gym and experienced real classes. It's hard to encourage yourself to really “do” the DVD correctly by yourself at home without stopping to take breaks too often. If you are capable of forcing yourself through whole DVDs– especially Jillian Michaels as a starter and then the Insanity types– you'll see results. That's something you can do at home with baby in the house.

I know with a new baby funds are probably tight, but at least spare a glance at your local gym options, too. When I got serious about losing weight, going to the gym made a big difference. Classes, access to trainers, being surrounded constantly by other highly-motivated people kicking their own butts really does change everything. And yes, I joined that gym about where you are now– when I was a 5'4″ 190-pounder. Yes, it's very awkward the first couple of workouts, but then you get over it and feel right at home. 🙂 Many gyms tend to have special membership deals from time to time, even as crazy as “6 months for $20 a month” and stuff like that, and many gyms offer childcare on premises while you work out. So definitely consider joining a gym if you can find a good deal like that. It would be worth it.

It's not AT ALL realistic to expect to lose 50 pounds by summer. It took me well over a year to lose that much weight with NO children and going to the gym 3 to 5 times a week. With a baby, and with hormonal challenges facing you, it's absolutely not plausible to envision losing that much weight within just a few months. Be reasonable with your expectations and goals or else you'll end up giving up when things don't happen as fast as you want. Instead, expect small but steady weight loss week by week with occasional stalls along the way.

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