What is a fitness level?

what are the fitness levels? Did i even ask that right? Oh and one more question could yo u give me an example?


Your fitness level is a genera gauge of where you are fitness wise. You can track this by: First checking with your doctor and asking any questions of them regarding your health and fitness. And,Joining a gym ( or paying) and having them do a fit level test : You may go up and down steps for a certain period of time, Walk on a treadmill a certain number of minutes ( to test endurance) do sit ups, stretches ( test your flexibility), etc, along with a blood pressure check, body fat analysis, etc. Then when you work out lets say you started on a treadmill only being able to do 1.5 MPH for about 15 minutes. A month later, you can do 2.5 MPH for 30 minutes. Definitely here your fitness level has gone up now in the area of endurance on the treadmill. If you track your workouts, and get fit level testing every few months you will know if you have made any positive gains in your fitness level. You can do this same tracking whenever you lift weights ( free or machine) Whenever out body adjusts , our fitness level goes up some. ( my opinion). Not sure of any charts showing various fitness levels. I may need to google this. If anyone else is aware of any , please post. Anyway, I hope this helps you out a little.

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