What fitness gurus are most credible?

Every night there's some infomercial on about the latest fad in fitness and nutrition. Since regulations don't really apply in most of these situtions, I know for a fact the bulk of it is crap.


So who's the real deal and who's full of it? Who can I trust?

does the product or advice resemble what medical and sports science says is possible?

it's 100% hype because even the stuff that works only works that well for a small number of people.

something like p90x which is probably a very good program. i would bet every penny i could get my hands on that less than 10%(probably less than 5%) have the will power to do the program the way it is taught. and maybe 1% will acheive the results shown in the infomericial.

so people have to do the research and if it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't true.

but people believe in miracles and magic so they will try things that violate common sense especially if the realistic alternative is hard work.

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