What exercise is best for weight loss?

There are a variety of exercises that are good for weight loss but elliptical trainers and cardio kickboxing standout because of how many gyms offer them and the flexibility they allow.


Exercises for weight loss focuses on burning calories rather than building strength.


The best exercises for weight loss involve heavy cardiovascular work. Two of the best or most accessible forms of this exercise are elliptical trainers and cardio kickboxing. Both of these forms are popular at many gyms.


For a 150-pound individual, an hour on an elliptical machine will burn nearly 600 calories. For that same individual, an hour of kickboxing will burn nearly 700 calories. Exercising on an elliptical is easier for someone of a beginner fitness level than cardio kickboxing.


Exercise alone will produce results, but they will be slowed by poor eating habits and sedentary daily life. Eating healthy while being conscious of calories and an active daily lifestyle will help the exercise produce results.

Expert Insight

Lifting light weights will also help with weight loss by building small muscles that will increase the body’s metabolism and improve the rate at which it burns calories.


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