What Causes Acne?

Acne vulgaris

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What causes acne?….ask any teenager about what is the worst thing about their appearance, and you can be reasonably sure that they will have the same answer. Yes, you guessed it right. It is acne. Although acne can impact people of all ages from 12-30, it is most common among teenagers who are going through the stage of puberty.

Although there are no hard and fast rules that say that only adolescents get acne, medical science says that the answer to what causes acne is the rise in the level of androgen. This is a hormone that is most active when a human being in his or her stage of adolescence.

Hormonal imbalance

When the androgen levels in the body is on a rise, the oil glands that are present under the skin, start enlarging. An enlarged gland secretes more oil than is necessary for the lubrication of the skin. The human skin that is filled with tiny pores are connected to these oil glands through canal like structures called the follicles.

When there is excessive secretion of this oil or sebum, it carries dead skin through these follicles and blocks the pores. After the pore is blocked a tiny hair grows out of it. The sebum, the dead skin and the hair together form a plug. This plug gets affected with bacteria and the result is acne.

When asked what causes acne, a lot of people tend to say that having greasy foods and sweets are the culprit. But this is in fact a myth, for such foods have been proved to have little or no effect on acne. Another myth about what causes acne is dirty skin. Teenagers especially are under the impression that scrubbing and cleaning your face ten times with and expensive face wash a day will prevent acne.

But one couldn’t be more wrong, for doing so may in fact have an adverse effect, because the chemicals in the face wash will act as an irritant on the skin, making your acne much worse than it originally was.

The acne myths

All that is required is following a simple cleaning process to remove the excess oil and the dead skins off your face. However if you find that the acne is returning way too often, you can try other things such as make a change in your diet. Studies have indicated that consuming excessive diary products as well as foods that are rich in carbohydrates increases the chances of acne.

Therefore instead of having breads and bagels and other sugar rich foods, opt for fibrous foods and leafy greens and there is indeed a possibility of the reduction in acne. The other trick is to drink a lot of water. If you keep your skin healthy and hydrate by the intake of nutritious food and water there are chances of the breakout of acne being far more irregular.

However the aforementioned reasons are not all the answers to what causes acne. Acne can also be caused due to genetic factors. This means if your parents had to suffer from acne when they were young, chances are that you will too. No point in beating yourself up in such cases. However if you take proper care of your skin, like we mentioned earlier, you may find yourself suffering far less!

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