What are the benefits of lowering the pH in your body?

Many health experts believe having balanced pH levels is key to a healthy body. While normally it is better to raise pH levels and make the body more alkaline, a body that is too alkaline can develop or can imply unhealthy situations, and the level needs to be lowered.


A healthy body maintains a general pH balance. However, most doctors consider a higher pH, which would be more alkaline, better than a lower pH, which would be more acidic. According to Brendan Brazier, author of “Thrive,” foods such as fruits and vegetables increase the body’s pH. Brazier considers a higher pH beneficial for workout recovery, energy and bone health.



A lower pH is considered acidic. Two common acid-forming foods are meat and dairy. In general, it is not considered healthy to have an acidic body, as acidity, according to Brazier, leads to fatigue, stress and even osteoporosis.

Benefits of Lowering pH

According to Earthym.net, while the body benefits from alkalizing foods, it is still not good to have too high an alkalinity. One reason is that certain bacteria thrive at higher pH levels, which can hinder recovery from illness by destroying other, beneficial bacteria. As well, a high alkaline pH level can indicate a lack of essential fatty acids, vitamin D and protein. Thus, lowering the pH level by including these foods would be beneficial for overall health.

Breathing and pH

According to Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s registered dietitian Stephanie Vangsness, rapid breathing raises pH because you are expelling more carbon dioxide. Therefore, certain situations like danger, which cause rapid breathing, would make it beneficial for you to lower pH by extricating yourself from the situation.


While there can be benefits to lowering pH levels, a low pH balance is not recommended. In general, diets high in alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables are healthier than diets with overconsumption of acidic foods such as meat. Ultimately, the body thrives at a balanced pH level.


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