What are some daily routines/diets i can do to help loose weight?

Okay, hello there summer, and hello beach body, that i DONT have. So here's the deal, i have all summer long to get in shape and slim down for soccer season. I've tried everything! But i just can't find something i can stick with! I have a very open schedule and have all day to just sit around, so i was looking for some daily routines or diets, i can stick to everyday this summer and slim down. For example, Wake up earlier, eat blah blah blah, then go do some exersizes, but what do i eat? How do I exersize? HELP!!!!!

First things first anything that deals with your physique requires patience and determination. To start off you need to look at your diet. Make sure you get all your macro's ex. carbs, proteins, fats. All are important but carb's can be the most dangerous if consumed in excess. For exercising you don't have to run a mile a day. What you wan't is to put your body in an anabolic state which will be easy if you don't already work out. Ex. squats, lunges, bicep curls, etc. The most important factor is your diet which I cannot suggest a specific one for you b/c I have no info on you age, gender, weight so on. Go to bodybuilding.com and look over the diets that are specific to your goal. Once you find one look up exercises that can be done at home or at the gym. Finally be patient and remember to keep pushing yourself b/c the best results occur when it is new to you.

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