1. Ana’s point that the woman has a baby for the family is irrelevant. If she
    is part of that family, the family should help her pay her bill. I am a
    single man and have no intentions of having children, why should I pay the
    same as her?

  2. Let him push a baby out of his azzhole…..he will be fine

  3. This Stossel guy is a kook – which is probably why he was fired by ABC.
    Today he wrote a column that everything should be privatized.

  4. 6:08 Love how liberal hypocrites that constantly claim to oppose violence
    over free speech condone and laugh about it when it’s inflicted on anyone
    that has opposing views.

  5. No, men paying more for car insurance isn’t fine.

  6. tyt has strooooong feminist roots. I KNEW this article would either be a
    complete gratification of them or it would somehow bend to that direction.
    I was not disappointed :-\ its really too bad cuz, relatively speaking, for
    statists, they were doing kinda ok for the first half. anyway, *downrated*
    – corrections – women DO get pregnant for their own pleasure, women CHOOSE
    the guy they are with, and CHOOSE to have unprotected sex.

  7. … and men aren’t even the ones causing all the grief on the roads! and
    that’s not even factoring in what the stats would look like when you
    consider that police will move heaven and earth to avoid finding the female
    at ANY fault!! you cannot have a state without a defacto caste system of
    institutional/cultural misandry.

    NSA IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!
    im a borderline anarchist, but not completely i just believe in small
    government, helping small business and giving people as much freedom as
    they can have.

    Also, don’t attack libertarians, we are not republicans, we just believe in
    freedom! we are not bad people.

  9. The Young Turks are nothing but a liberal mouth piece that spews constant
    idiotic nonsense. They don’t think intelligently about any issue; all they
    do is create a false image of conservatives and Republicans. I was a
    liberal for many years until I realized the errors of my ways. If you want
    to know why liberalism is a detriment to society (and why conservatism is
    much better) then I suggest you check out my YouTube videos.

  10. America is built on capitalism. It’s pretty unfair. People should be
    treated fairly (as far as civil liberties) but not EVERYTHING can be fair.
    What America is really about is OPPORTUNITY, not making everyone equally
    happy/unhappy, that’s socialism. 

  11. God fucking dammit, fuck TYT. First they complain about John making a
    generalizing comment, implying hes a misogynist, as if they would even bat
    an eye toward a similar comment generalizing men. Then they show a clip of
    him being assaulted and fucking make fun of it. These bleeding heart types
    are such hypocrites. Oh sure they have compassion for people who think just
    like them.

    This is a pattern I’ve seen with these cunts. If some one is on the right
    and/or disagrees with them they derive joy from seeing them suffer, if hes
    a man at least.

  12. Well, if Stossel wants, I guess all women could go on strike and not have
    children. I guess that would cut insurance costs down. Of course, the
    society would die off because there wouldn’t be any children but, hey, we
    won’t have to pay for maternity care. That’s the important thing – not
    paying for “women’s issues.”

  13. What does being a libertarian have to do with being sexist? Why even
    mention the guy’s political views unless you’re trying to make all
    libertarians look sexist.

  14. +F8sassassin well insurance companies care about $ only. the young men <25
    y/o (the group i fall under incidentally)pay more because they pose a risk
    (by choice for the most part.. ie. speeding) to the public, whereas women
    didn't choose to be born women

  15. That’s a nice urban myth argument you guys are making but in this time of
    medical over testing.

    And in a free market couples could get maternity insurance to prevent
    complications. But the left leaning (or should I say tipping) politics of
    the last 60 years gets everybody to expect THEIR needs to be taken care of
    by the government.

  16. The leftists rhetoric is tiresome.

    Women don’t want to pay more, and openly cry about it. Yet women will
    justify men and boys having to pay more for things like car insurance.

    Fuck western women.

  17. Why dont we have a conversation on how liberals think women are too stupid
    to have kids?
    Isn’t Anna making a fallacious statement at 3:00 by generalizing all men?
    Doesnt she get mad when men generalize women?
    The man in the blue shirt obviously doesnt know the difference between
    early detection and prevention, so his points are discredited.
    Also playing devil’s advocate is always Stossel’s style. You’re reaching
    for straws if youre selectively using clips against him.
    You claim to care for others then you laugh at someone’s misfortune at 6:20.
    You’re all hypocrites and fascists.

  18. Isn’t The Douchestache…AGAINST EVERYTHING GOVERNMENT???
    Doesn’t that include…a wrestler’s right…to SLAP HIM???
    If so, then why is The Douchestache NOT defending that right to the death???
    Why is he NOT ‘Standing His Ground’??? I don’t think that’s very BRAVE!
    And why the hell is The Douchestache…RUNNNG AWAY???
    And why the hell is ‘away’…TOWARDS a PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER???
    Isn’t a lawyer…actually a PART of…SOMETHING GOVERNMENT???
    Where’s The Douchestache’s INTEGRITY??? I certainly don’t see ANY!
    Wowzy Wowzy WOO Woo! Slap my head ’til * I * sue!
    Now! Reread those questions…but in The Douchestache’s voice!

  19. Men pay more for car and life insurance. Also, most money paid into social
    security is paid in by men; women live longer and get more out of it.
    (that’s the retirement part. I don’t know about disability) It is a well
    established fact that more money is spent on women’s health care, and these
    clowns act like it’s just some sort of rumor.
    These guys are the Fox news of the left.

  20. MrPalmersGamehendge

    So why is it still ok for the insurance company to charge more for older
    people? Isn’t that just as discriminatory as charging women more than man.
    FYI Insurance companies aren’t looking at number of times you use the
    service…they are looking at dollars paid out so yes the fact that those
    that don’t go to the doctor as often have more expensive problems would be
    factored in.

    I love at the end where you give examples of the amounts charged and how
    different parts of different states charge different amounts and how it
    makes no sense…you can thank the various and numerous State regulations
    surrounding insurance. I’m not sure how you can comment on the different
    prices without checking into what justification was used or how the prices
    were calculated. You just can’t assume evil intent. Poor research or poor
    story presentation…either one does not reflect well on you.

  21. I think the hosts misunderstand ‘women use health services more’.
    Insurance rates are based on the actual *money* paid out, not the number of
    doctor visits. Insurance companies have to justify their rates to the
    state insurance authorities. They do this by showing that actual money paid
    out in claims broken down by whatever demographic they are allowed.
    For the same reason that men’s life insurance is more expensive than
    women’s; higher mortality, women’s health insurance is more expensive than
    men’s; higher morbidity. This is insurance 101, people.

  22. DecendantKnights OfMalta

    4 people that don’t like John Stossel sit around a table and make fun of
    him in the most childish way I could even imagine, all four of these people
    act like 15 year old girls for most of this video.

  23. This is so much better on Prozac ;)

  24. If you’re a male and you’re married, you’re paying higher prices for women.

  25. problem with tyt is that they look at everything through almost exclusively
    the liberal viewpoint and that is rarely a good thing. criticize fox all
    you want, but at least they have the common sense to allow the liberal
    viewpoint to be expressed so their viewers are given the liberal,
    conservative AND libertarian point of view.

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