1. My Weight loss and Fitness Update: How to deal with set-backs, feeling
    depressed, and how to get back on track! Hope it’s helpful to some of you
    on a similar journey! Plus, my current workout routine and what I’m eating
    on a daily basis.

  2. Julia you are so inspiring, from last year I lost 11 kg and now I´m just
    keeping and toning my muscles with Zumba lessons, it could be such a great
    exercise if you don´t like the gym!!!

  3. I love watching your fitness guides & cooking videos. 2-3 years ago I would
    watch your videos & always thought you were so pretty w/ beautiful eys,
    great skin, etc. i never saw you as overweight or fuller figure etc.
    Obviously now I think you look great but most importantly you are an
    inspiration. I love how you started this to be healthy. Looking “better” is
    always a great motivation and bonus but your health should be your
    motivation & I think you transmit that message. Thanks for the great videos
    and great work! Would love for you to do a “healthy cooking tupperware
    series” for those of us that are in an office all day and can’t go home for

  4. Melissa Hunter Davis

    I am going back to the gym this week .

  5. My boyfriend also is in a similar position, he had surgery so he can’t
    exercise, just small walks and that has also impacted my exercise too cause
    we exercised toguether and now i feel if i go he will be sad staying… I
    want to suport him as well as i can so we’re on a food diet so we don’t
    gain too much weight. I hope you get better soon.

  6. I have been doing a couple of DVD’s from Jillian MIchaels. She really
    kicks your ass, but I need that. I am older and it is very hard to lose
    weight. My husband has noticed a difference and I do feel stronger. My
    weakness is sweets, I can’t seem to get thru the day without having
    something yummy.

  7. Great video. My setback wasn’t really an injury but a total “being tired of
    working out & eating well without results”. I had been about a year and a
    half dealing with weight fluctuations (big ones, 20 pounds ones…)
    thinking I was doing everything ok. I went to doctors and they couldn’t
    find anything wrong, worked out for 2hours a day…NOTHING. I decided to go
    to a nutritionist and found out my problem wasn’t fat but water retention.
    Learnt how to eat accordingly to my specific problem and I’ve lost over 30
    pounds in 6 months. I am happy I decided to take the bull by its horns and
    beat this. I keep on eating healthy and working out (just about half an
    hour a day) and I’ve maintained my healthy weight for about 2 months now.
    Thank you for this video, it really inspires us to keep going. Hope you’re
    feeling better. Much love from Spain!!

  8. Girl, you’re preaching to the choir! I got a back injury 2 years ago in
    December and it’s a constant struggle. It takes maintenance and
    strengthening everyday to keep it in check, and there’s better days and
    worse days.
    Fast forward, starting at the end of August, I became super serious about
    getting in shape. I’ve never been super overweight, but I’ve always wanted
    to lose a couple pounds and get toned and stronger. I was doing great,
    seeing some tone and losing a couple pounds when in the beginning of
    October, I got sick with bronchitis and my asthma took a turn for the
    worst. I’ve never experienced such bad asthma attacks for weeks at a time.
    And nothing the doctor did helped…finally I found a natural remedy that
    did just the trick! I thank God for it because it’s literally the only
    thing that helped. Although it took 2 weeks of taking it, my asthma
    Now, after a month of being out of the gym completely, this past week was
    my first week back. I was so achey and felt like all my work was gone, but
    turns out I didn’t have to turn back the weight much at all and I’m so
    excited to be back on my journey to being fit and healthy. :)

  9. I had knee surgery this summer and I still can’t do half of things that i
    used to do before…running and exercising is just pain, it’s getting
    better but i was really depressed because i couldn’t walk for about
    month…but i’m trying to get back on track as soon as possible..slowly,
    carefuly but still :)

  10. I had kind of a setback since I had to have an ovarian cystectomy in
    September, and got diagnosed with endometriosis. Nothing as painful as your
    injury, but I had six weeks of recovery. I really want to train for a half
    marathon, but I still have pain from the surgery. It was really hard to
    just walk for exercise for six weeks. Now I can start to build my speed.
    I’m thinking about a trainer too.

  11. I love your weight loss updates. I appreciate the motivation because ive
    been on a weightloss/toning journey since March of this year and I have
    kinda hit a stand still so I needed a bit more motivation to keep going.
    Thank you!!

  12. I’m also recovering from an injury from over a year ago. It didn’t heal
    right so I can’t run anymore like I used to. I’m finding a hard time
    finding a good workout routine that will help me lose weight as I got
    depressed and gained a lot of weight. Working out with an injury is never
    fun. I hope your back gets better soon ^-^

  13. Hi Julia,good for you on not letting things bring you down,way to stay
    motivated!! I have fallen off the bandwagon a couple yrs ago & still cannot
    motivate or push myself to get back on track. It’s so hard after a
    setback,I’ve now gained so much weight,I am not healthy at all really. All
    my hard work at gyms,eating right,etc…went out the window. Now it hurts
    every time I have to go clothes shopping…I hate it! I use to be a good
    size & fit & confidant…not now….So please post your diet menu and more
    of this to help me & others find our way back Julia. You are a great
    inspiration girl….keep up the great work!! xo

  14. Julia, your videos are such an inspiration. I’ve commented before but I
    can’t tell you enough how your fitness videos have inspired me to lose
    weight and get healthier. My motto is “where there is a will, there is a
    way.” If we really want to get fit, we find a way. I’m a single mom of a 2
    year-old, work full time, don’t have a lot of space, and can’t really
    afford a gym membership. I do DVD workouts and workouts on YouTube.
    Sometimes I have to do them in the middle of the night after my son is
    asleep and my work is done for the day. I try my best to make healthy
    eating decisions. Every bit helps because I managed to lose all the baby
    weight and then some for a total weight loss of around 75 lbs. My goal was
    just to lose the baby weight. But then I made goals in 5 lb increments
    until I reached my lifetime weight goal. I’m at the point now where I also
    want to maintain my current weight and just get toned up. I am in the
    middle of a divorce, so moving and changing my life really threw everything
    for a loop. With all the legal stuff I’ve been dealing with, the fitness
    took a rest for the last couple of months. This video couldn’t come at a
    better time because I’ve been telling myself to get back on track these
    last couple of weeks. I’m back to getting my workouts in and being more
    conscious of my food choices(which had really gone south). Thank you for
    sharing your continued fitness journey. It’s so helpful and encouraging. 

  15. p.s. how much weight have you lost altogether and how long did it take you
    to lose it?

  16. Good for you!!! Nothing in life is smooth sailing and you are so right
    that falling off shouldn’t derail you. I also highly recommend WRITING
    DOWN your goals. I am a big believer that helps you to achieve it. Write
    down the days of the week you want to exercise, what you are going to do,
    etc. etc. It helps to motivate and your brain seems to accept what you
    need to do more. Keep on with it. I applaud you! ♥ Elle

  17. Did you compress or slip a disc? This often happens when people focus on
    high-impact exercise and forget to work the core and stretch. I have a
    Pilates studio, and see this often. Make sure you strengthen your core in
    all your training. Good for you for hanging in there. I first started
    watching your videos when you were much unhealthier. ;{} 

  18. i do have to say thank you. i just recently started to workout and eat
    health then i got a stomach virus and other medical issues that have had me
    on some crazy medications which i havent even wanted to work out but now i
    can wait to get back into it. i needed that reminder that its ok to fall of
    but its important to get back on the ride 🙂 

  19. I’m so glad you are better and your video was very inspiring for me! I
    struggle with staying to my workout routine and eating healthy like you
    said as we all do but I’m doing better by not being so hard on myself and
    just getting back to it. 

  20. You are such an inspiring and amazing character and I love your videos ,
    Julia. I wish you all the best. Unfortunately since Google+ I was
    unsubscribed from your channel, I just noticed now. It doesn’t let me
    subscribe to you again now, I can press the sub-button 100 times, it
    doesn’t do anything. -.-

  21. Thanks for this video Julia, love your message, is sooo true! I have a step
    back and gain weight, but I am trying to get back on track. It really helps
    me watching this video, I will get back on track and be as healthy as I
    want to be, you do inspire us, love your videos soooo much!! Hugs!!!

  22. can u uplaod more videos

  23. Hi Julia, i was really close to my goal weight and BMI but recently hit a
    major motivational step back. Trying to get back in the wagon and finish
    shedding those 3 kgs i have left to lose. All the best luck for the
    recovery and keep us posted. Its nice to know that youre not alone in the

  24. So sorry to hear about your injury! But also, very happy that you’re okay
    and are slowly recovering. You are such a huge inspiration & motivate me a
    lot to keep moving forwards. Thanks for sharing such a true & wonderful
    message. <3

  25. I deeply admire your strength, Julia! And I’m also so glad to know you’ve
    been doing well with your recovery. Best wishes and keep going just like
    this! Thanks for sharing you experience 3

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