Weight Loss Workout – The Fun Way!

A non-intrusive weight loss workout is great when you don’t need immediate results. While sit ups, pull ups, squats, weights, and other traditional exercise regimens are great for getting fast results, some find great fun in less strenuous exercise activities for a more leisurely approach. Here are some activities that will work on the inches while providing a fair amount of enjoyment.

  • Dancing. Whether you taste is hip-hop or a more graceful ballroom style dancing can be very good for your body. In this instance how good you are is secondary to the effort. Best results are obtained, obviously, if the activity is experienced several times a week, with each occasion covering a several hour period of time.
  • Hula Hooping. Remember how much fun you had when, as a child, you prided yourself for lasting longer that your classmates hula hooping. In all probability you will notice a definite lowering of the skill level, absent several years, but none-the-less the very act of hula hooping will have a beneficial effect on the body and it will be fun.
  • Mini-trampoline. Not much activity will be more enjoyable than the mini-trampoline. Bounce your heart away for several minutes several times a day. This activity serves you well if you are a tube boob. Bounce away during the commercials and over time you will see the inches melt away.
  • Bicycle. Get your old friend out of the garage, dust him off and rediscover the joy of the sunshine on your shoulders and the wind in your face. Effectiveness can be increased by pumping two gears higher than you would comfortably do when climbing hills. Just make sure that you do not overdue the effort the first several times back in the saddle.

Leisurely, fun exercise can be a great weight loss workout when the elements of immediacy and muscle mass are not factors in the results.

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