1. This is so great that you’re doing this!! So proud!!! Keep it up! And miss
    talking to you you’re amazing!!

  2. How tall are you?

  3. Wow great job girl! Keep up the good work :)

  4. You can definitely tell you’ve lost weight in your face! You are fantastic,
    girl :). Keep us updated! xoxo

  5. Great job!! You look good! I have been following you for a whiiiiile now
    and you are just… blossoming! 

  6. You gorgeous!! 

  7. You can see the weight loss in your face! Great job! Gotta love the WW, it
    works been there done that but i really need to go back and do it again.
    🙁 Again congrats on the loss.

  8. RACHEL i have seriously been watching your videos for the last 2 YEARS and
    it’s just so crazy to see alllll the changes you’ve made in your life & how
    far you’ve come & i just wanna say that i’m reeallyy proudddd of youuuu!
    you’re such an inspiration to me. you look great & i know you’re gonna rock
    your weight loss journey just like you’ve rocked every other journey in
    your life 🙂 there will be obstacles & it won’t be easy, but you’ll prevail
    & come out stronger, you always do! <3

  9. btw the lighting is wonderful! you look so radiant & glowy!

  10. Great job! Keep up the good work :)xx

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