Weight Loss Tips – 4 Tips To Add To Your Fitness Lifestyle To Reinvigorate Your Fat Loss – Part 1

4 Super Simple tricks that will boost your fitness life to a happier healthier you! Part 1

Total Your Moves

No time to exercise? No problem. According to a number of studies, short periods of exercise really add up. So, if you ran just 10 minutes in the morning, walked another 15 in the afternoon and did some active house cleaning in the evening – that all adds up to an additional 30 minutes of exercise. Adding up all your moves is quite simple: park your car further away from your destination and walk the rest of the way, take the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator, take a basket instead of a cart when you go shopping, do calf and toe raises while in the kitchen, some jumping jacks and push ups while watching TV or walk around the block when you take the garbage out.

Try A New Sport

If you are bored with your fitness routine, or your recreational activities in general, try a new sport. It may be a great way to catch up and spend time with your friends or even to expand your social circle. Most sports increase your physical fitness, contribute to heart, lung and bone health and keep you in top shape. Additionally, you will stimulate your brain and muscles in a new way. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to benefit from team or individual sports, such as baseball, soccer, tennis, swimming, cycling or running. If you are not sure where to start, visit your closest community rec centre or sports club for more information about opportunities to learn new skills that will improve you fitness level.

Slow Down For Muscle Growth

If you train with weights regularly, you are doing a terrific job to burn calories and tone up your body. Increasing your lean muscle mass by way of resistance training improves your physique and posture, as well as your strength so that your aerobic activities are easier to perform. But after a few months of training, your muscles adapt to the same training routine and may not respond to the work that you put in at the gym. One simple strategy is to slow down the speed of your repetitions. Decreasing the speed of each repetition while you lift weights will help you eliminate momentum, cause you to control the weight and your muscles more and maximize the tension placed on your muscles. This, in turn, will stimulate greater muscle fibre stimulation and make your muscles stronger and firmer without any additional changes. You may notice that you can’t lift as much or do as many repetitions, but your muscles will feel exhausted. What a great Boost!

Eat Throughout The Day, Don’t Skip Meals

Many people, who are trying to reduce body fat, mistakenly think that if they drastically reduce the amount they eat, they will get the results they want. But experts recommend you eat at least every four hours to avoid a drop in blood sugar levels that can result in cravings for foods high in sugar and low in nutrition. Eating more often doesn’t mean eating more than you need to. Keep meal portions sensible, try using a smaller plate, you will put less on it and not feel pressured that you need to consume everything that is put in front of you. Smaller meals will keep you satisfied and nourished, while preventing insulin highs and lows, and you will reduce body fat without going hungry.

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