weight loss texting buddy?

I'm looking for a texting buddy to help lose weight.

I live and can only text in Germany, but I email too.

I do have an eating disorder. (Please don't preach to me about this.) I am not “proana” or “promia”, but I'll support anyone trying to lose weight and/or who's struggling with an ED. That's the end of that.

Send me an email, or comment here with how I can reach you.


(If we email, I'll be using a different one)

Also, if you could include your stats/ age/ history with weight loss/ about you and your ED… just so I can get to know you 🙂

Exercise to Lose Calories

More than just reducing the number of calories you consume, burning more calories with exercise is also a great way to lose calories. Yoga is an especially great place to start – especially for folks who haven't exercised in a while. Yoga not only helps to improve your flexibility and strength, it is also a great stress reducer. And reducing stress helps to stop your body from storing fat by making sure that it doesn't go into survival mode, (aka fat storage mode).

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