1. eat less and do more. but… is it right for me?

  2. There’s an old saying that there’s no money like the money to be made from
    selling thin to the fat, youth to the aged or religion to those about to
    die… Oh, and popularity to the unpopular.

  3. Death is the ultimate weight loss program.

  4. There’s someone on my Facebook who is promoting a diet pill. They claim it
    works and you don’t have to change your diet or exercise for this. She is
    exercising a lot after taking it and hasn’t admitted she’s dieting, but
    there’s one tell tale sign she is. She complained she’s been very hungry a
    lot. Gee. I wonder why..

  5. Robert Atkins died from head trauma which was the result of slipping and
    falling on ice. It was a head injury that killed him and NOT a cardiac
    arrest. Just saying. Feel free to Google it if you don’t believe me. 

  6. You stupid vegans make me have to kill more animals to keep quotas up… 

  7. here’s a sure fire way for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Scientologists,
    Mormons, Buddhists, and all religious people of the world to loose weight
    within 5 seconds flat – Drop your bullsh!t gods today, join atheism, and
    drop all the excess baggage of gods, guilt, and fear of their imaginary
    afterlives , best all it’s free. We like to call it the “Lift the weight of
    the Gods Diet Plan” or a “Healthy dose of reality” offered free by an
    atheist near you.

  8. What? Nooo! I just ordered me one of those black work out bikini top sets
    because I thot it wud make me loose weit! DOH!

  9. KingCommonKnowledge

    Atkins Died in 2003 from slipping on ice and hitting his head. Not from
    his diet. And his heart attack had nothing to do with his diet. If you read
    closely, that was one reason why he went on the diet in the first place.
    Studies show that the diet decreases your chances of a potential heart
    attack. There are still uncertainties to this claim when it comes to

  10. Robert Atkins hit his head on the ice, that is how he died. But at the
    time, he was thinking about how much this diet sucked and he was craving a
    cheeseburger, lost his concentration and slipped and fell.

  11. I am trying to lose weight but in a healthy manor not with diet pills. I am
    also walking. I am also working on being a vegetarian which you have helped
    me a lot with. Thanks for your advice and support. <3

  12. I took that pill, look how skinny I am ;)

  13. Thumbs down for crappy diet advice (“you’re overweight? Just eat less and
    exercise more, idiot!”).

  14. The big name pill companies will put the person on the pills, but the part
    they leave out is that they also put them on a special diet and have them
    working out with a personal trainer, but I’m sure it was the pills that
    made all the difference.

  15. Doctors hate you! lol

  16. According to Penn & Teller, another trick they get up to is to hire an
    elite sportsperson when they are injured. They deliberately overeat and
    stack on the weight and then take the “before” shot. The sportsperson
    eventually recovers and resumes training, while also taking the pill,
    supplement or whatever it is.

    Of course, they eventually get back to their original condition and can
    honestly say “within x months of taking y, I went from this to this”
    (showing an impressive contrast between the “before” and “after” shots).

  17. You’re seeing these on facebook? I think we’ve identified the problem.

  18. vegetarian more healthy? oh give me a break.

  19. Hey folks! Guess how I lose weight?
    That’s right! I get off my fat tits and work for a living!

    JaclynGlenn made a good point here about her old place of work, though I
    feel she didn’t identify the real problem. She said it’s “unethical” that
    these “doctors” were trying to flog their pills to vulnerable people…
    Jaclyn, you live in the world’s most Capitalistic state.. Ethics don’t come
    in to it. The profit motive is what matters… Nothing else.

  20. This is why people need to fish more.
    Fly fishing,
    Spin and or bait casting
    Hell even deep sea fishing.
    Fishing is and has been proven to be a great way to enjoy and relax with
    stressful life, weight lose even if you walk all the time while you fish.

  21. Please do more videos on body image videos. I feel as I am getting older
    that people are still being bullies but worse. I gained 100lbs. people who
    knew me in college will say, wow Stef… You gained some weight. At 31, it
    shouldn’t bother me, but it does. I have Fibromyalgia, Sjögren’s Syndrome
    and it is very hard for me to work out on a daily basis but people just
    look at me as “the fat girl who eats twinkies and smells”. Total
    opposite!!! Thank you for your videos. You make me laugh. 

  22. damn girl you’re sexy

  23. i took this little pill, now i am atheist

  24. wow losing weight is hard starving works

  25. You should do videos in your before and after outfits to see whether or not
    the same mentality applies to the videos people watch.

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