1. the pizza can be made with sauce from fresh tomatoes and it can also be
    made on the stove top with no oven. this is useful in places like India
    where I am as there is no oven in most people’s houses.

    also, i just thought of this: you can add some water to the pizza and
    blend it and just eat it like a pizza soup. that way it will digest much
    better than chewing and eating it. in fact, it would digest more like the
    20 banana smoothies that you drink every day. i blended white rice with
    spinach dal and water last night and it came out as a very tasty soup! try
    it and let me know what you think of pizza soup.

  2. no more reaction to non sweet tomatoes, freelee ?

  3. Thank you for the great back-up pizza! I have one question; can I just use
    regular flour? I don’t think I have a problem with gluetin, and I’ve yet
    to taste a gluetin free dough I like.

  4. your dog also seems to like it :)

  5. heartfullofhappiness

    WOW! This pizza looks absolutely DELICIOUS Freelee, so looking forward to
    making this 🙂 Thanks so much for making it and sharing it 🙂 XXXXX

  6. I like to use mashed potatoes over the tomato sauce as a cheese substitute,
    it makes it really high carb! 

  7. Olives are not naturally salty. They’re “cured” in a salt water solution.
    Would it be better to add refined salt if you wanted to keep it fat free?

  8. looks very nice , you should do more cooked recipe’s

  9. looks amazing!

  10. Great recipe! So what can we use instead of the baking soda? Can I just
    leave it out?

  11. But i thought you eat only raw …hmmm im confused…

  12. I am very hungry now . Thanks a lot 😀 

  13. Freelee this looks amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  14. Fantastic Idea Lets Do It

    I love my bananaz and datez but I am loving this recipe Freelee. It is full
    of colour and looks just divine. I know that my baby fruitbats will
    appreciate this one.

  15. Our favorite pizza is a low fat raw pizza made of zucchini and sprouted
    buckwheat. Gives it that grainy flavor without the ouch of highly processed
    flours. If you didn’t feel like waiting hours for it to dehydrate, you
    could bake it in the oven and have a similar effect as what you just did :)

  16. Wow that’s a colourful!

  17. Also, this is really not how you make pizza dough haha

  18. Less = more!

  19. Wonderful! Thank you looks yummy!

  20. Freelee: I suggest you have one of these sent…pizza-delivery-style…to
    the Fruit Festival next year. ;)

  21. +AcerbusGaming nothing is wrong with yeast

  22. Awesome !

  23. Very colorful, multi-vegetable, minimally cooked pizza – looks good!

  24. This looks so bright and delicious. I’m a vegan for life, but a slightly
    overweight one still, I’m afraid. I can’t resist crunchy french bread with
    oil and tomato paste. I love peanut butter and cashew butter. I have this
    amazing green olive paste I like to spread on toast. I make hot cocoa from
    almond milk, cocoa powder, and organic sugar. I’m so bad 🙁 I eat a lot of
    fruit and make kale smoothies almost every day :/

  25. I’m confused… is the title saying it’s raw? because it obviously isn’t

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