Weight Loss Patch: Scam or Miracle Product?

What would you say if there was a weight loss patch that you could simply stick on your body and burn off those extra pounds? Well, that is what several weight loss companies are claiming with their weight loss patches. So, are these some sort of miracle weight loss product or they simply a scam?

What is a Weight Loss Patch?
A weight loss patch is simply a patch that a person sticks to their body, sort of like a nicotine patch or birth control patch, and certain ingredients from the patch make their way into the body. There are several different types of weight loss patches and each have their own unique variations on where they have to be stuck on the body and how long they should be worn. The way that most companies market weight loss patches is that a person simply sticks the patch to their body, goes about their life and simply loses weight without having to put much effort into it.

Are Weight Loss Patches Safe?
A weight loss patch almost seems too good to be true, so is it? The thing about weight loss patches, like a lot of other weight loss products is that there are really no long term studies that have been done on these products to prove that they are entirely safe. If you have ever looked at any of the patches that are being sold online you may have noticed that most of them have the same ingredients as other weight loss supplements. Some of the common ingredients in weight loss patches are chromium, green tea, and garcina. Most of the ingredients in a weight loss patch are still under investigation by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to conclude if they are truly safe and what possible long term side effects there are. Basically, use a weight loss patch, like other weight loss supplements, at your own risk.

Will a Weight Loss Patch Work for You?
An aspect of weight loss patches that you may want to be aware about is that there is no way a person can find out exactly how much of the ingredients of the patch are being absorbed into the body. Typically, a heavier person is going to need stronger dose than a skinnier person for it to be effective in any type of weight loss. If you weigh 250 pounds and have 45% body fat and another person weighs 150 pounds and only has 20% body fat, the same weight loss patch is not going to work the same on the two people. A person also needs to be aware of possibly absorbing too many chemicals from the patches as well and suffering from side effects such as migraines, dizziness, and accelerated heart rate.

There are quite a few weight loss companies that claim that their “miracle patch” can help people lose weight and the person doesn’t have to exercise or eat any differently. First of all, this can’t be healthy as healthy weight loss can only be achieved with physical activity and a healthy diet. Secondly, what happens if this person does lose 25 pounds and decides to stop using the weight loss patch? They most likely will gain back all the weight they lost plus possibly more because they didn’t exercise and learn healthy eating habits. That means they are exactly back where they started and out about $200.

Just like any type of weight loss product, a person should only use a weight loss patch with extreme caution and be totally realistic. If you do decide to use a weight loss patch use it only in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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