1. I count calories and keep track of my macros and it works great, but I’m a
    bodybuilder and a triathlete. I can’t see myself ever living my life
    unhealthily ever again. I’m addicted to eating healthy and working out.
    I’ve found that it takes about 4-5 weeks to break the sugar addiction
    almost completely

  2. As always great information, it works, I found have it very on the mark.

  3. didn’t pen and teller do a bullsh!t episode on how there was absolutely no
    negative effects to Genetically modified food and they are just as healthy
    as organic?

  4. I’m NOT going to rely on PEN and TELLER for my information on GMO food. You
    shouldn’t either. 🙂 Plus I don’t watch Tell lie vision.

  5. Actually there is probably no noticeable negative effects from GMO foods in
    10-15 years of regular intake. However, this is as much evidence as saying
    there is no negative effects from smoking tobacco.

  6. Whole, organic high fat foods are not bad. Avocado, coconut, pork belly and
    steaks are all great foods.

  7. If people just ate a little more veggies and fruits and less packaged food
    they would find its easy to lose weight. Just take a brisk 30min to 60 min
    walk a day and eat healthy. Its ok to eat junk every now and then like
    holidays and birthdays just not every single day.

  8. Its hard to take a guy with boots like that seriously.

  9. would love to lose weight with corrina. plenty of sex for exercise,and i
    know what pie i would like to eat.

  10. I like the way you pulled that book outta your ass.

  11. Google “Monsanto Corn Study In France Finds Tumors And Organ Damage In Rats”

  12. Your theory of weight loss is weak because it assumes that the human body
    is a simple machine (calories & energy deficit). In fact, we are
    sophisticated biological organisms, governed by complex bio-chemical
    reactions. However, I do like your advice about sensible weight loss goals.

  13. I am not fat nor do I eat at McDonald’s, Dickweed.

  14. Christopher Mulkey

    I would not expect to get accurate information on this subject from many
    people though psychetruth gave me this serch so imma check it out on google
    (Monsanto Corn Study In France Finds Tumors And Organ Damage In Rats)

  15. Christopher Mulkey

    i wouldnt rely on any one source at all, all things in life should be
    questioned though if not questioned they will never change and progress
    wont be made. but yes just playing a little devils advocate for you.

  16. “Industy lies”

  17. Great videos and site. Keep it up

  18. That’s what I have been doing for the past 3 months and I lost 44 lbs and I
    feel good

  19. OMG, GMO!1!

  20. My god, almost every single comment here is spam.

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  22. hahahaha those boots

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