1. YOU LOOK GOOD MAMA!!! well done!!

  2. That was awesome, you gave me all kinds of healthy food options. You’re
    looking amazing. blessings!!!

  3. Thanks for the very helpful information!!

  4. Thanks for sharing that. I’m back on my journey also.

  5. You look great MissP & I know you feel great as well. Keep up the good

  6. You go gyrllllll!!!! Keep at it. You’re definitely going to reach all of
    your goals for the year.

  7. LOVED the video girl…. the food you eats is reflected in your face =)
    Also, I’ve never had problems with Coco milk, but by far I prefer almond
    milk, yummy

  8. You were already gorgeous before the weightloss… now you pretty much have
    an unfair share of beauty :-)

  9. Keep up the good work…your a motivation

  10. NappturalDancer2K10

    Almond milk is best, and it doesn’t give you upset stomach!

  11. “My girlies were not crying out for help” LMAO!!! I died! I am extremely
    proud of you girl. You are looking FAB and that skin is GLOWING! 

  12. loooove that shirt! you look amazing. as always you are such an inspiration
    to me! Love you so much! 

  13. girl purse!!! hhahahah

  14. Jennifer Connor Fitness

    Haha – I just asked about your progress on another video and saw that you’d
    already answered it by posting this video this week! Great job!

  15. Whitley Du [CaughtDuingIt]

    Pow!! You look great! Oh btw, did I miss your email?

  16. LISTEN!!! I loooove your personality. This was such a great video for
    motivation I will be finishing February strong (at least that is my plan)
    Thanks to bronzegoddess01 for shouting your channel out on instagram

  17. Great tips. I laugh whenever you look at yourself in the camera flip
    screen. LOL

  18. Miss P, I really enjoyed the video. One of the main things I struggle w/
    during a weight loss journey is loosing all the weight & having to buy a
    whole entire new wardrobe! While I am happy when I loose the lbs, I fear
    that my closet (which is jam packed w/ tons of expensive clothing) nothing
    would fit & I would have to start over from scratch! I like my clothes &
    don’t really have the money to invest in all new attire, because the things
    I have now have been accumulated over time! You’ve shown me through videos
    & pics that you didn’t have to entirely get rid of everything & if anything
    the clothes will fit better. Thanks, & you look great hunty!

  19. You’re so funny!

  20. New subscriber here! Love your vids, not sure where all these places are
    that your talking about haha Im in LA, but I love your personality, very
    fun and good info. thanks

  21. You can try the Tone It Up girls on youtube or Blogilates on youtube or
    even FitnessBlender on youtube or Befit on youtube

  22. Have you experienced Skinnimaker System? (Google it) It is a quick way for
    you to melt fat fast.

  23. Hey Miss P, congrats sis on your progress. You truly are an inspiration. I
    am on my own journey to eat healthier mainly to improve the condition of my
    skin. Your skin looks flawless and healthy. I’ve begun eating more fruits
    and vegetables and drinking more water, but my question is have you ever
    dealt with dark circles or bags under your eyes? They’re not really, really
    bad circles, but I still don’t like them. I do the cucumber slice thing, it
    seems to somewhat help. I’ve tried different skin creams (velocity,
    proactive, Neutrogena youth code, etc.) but I always break out after a few
    days of using it. Did you use any other food regimens to improve skin/eye

  24. Loved it!

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