1. How much is the transformation kit?

  2. SOunds good..how much are the kits?

  3. you look so great girl :)

  4. How much are the shake kit’s? I would like to start the shakes

  5. do you have a boyfriend to help you with the non bagged groceries?

  6. My honey bought me the insanity kit… I haven’t opened it yet, lol.. But
    I’m gonna try starting tomorrow, hopefully my ankle will behave..anyway,
    this is why I am holding off on T25, I have heard some great things about

  7. What is your recipe for Zucchini chips?

  8. I want to try T25 so bad! But I just don’e want to be disappointed. I’ve
    never bought a exercise dvd before. Is there any place I can see a preview
    of it?

  9. omg payday is Friday im def responding to your invoice that day lol to get

  10. I would love to see more of your shake recipes. I just got a new blender
    as an early Christmas gift and I can’t wait to use it.

  11. You look so goo girl! Im trying to be like you when i grow up! 

  12. It would be great if you would post a video of what your daily meals
    consists of!

    Also, do you do meal preps for a whole week? 

  13. Please do recipe or cooking videos that would be great and so helpful

  14. Love you girl. You keep impressing me. Spinach in the smoothy? I’m gonna
    try that. Been using soymilk for a while now too. Thanks!

  15. Hey, Ms. P! I just wanted to take this time out to really thank you for
    these Weight Loss Journey videos that you do. I am on my own weight loss
    journey, and I’ll admit that it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to go
    through. At my heaviest I weigh 262 pounds, and I’m only 5’4. My doctor
    wants me to lose half of my body weight, as she feels seriously going to
    affect my health later on in life. So I’m dedicating myself to getting fit
    and healthy. You’re my inspiration.

  16. I was seriously about to ask where your grocery bags were…then I realized
    you did say you went to Aldi. LOL!

  17. Daaaaaamn! you look like a model!

  18. Oh…I’m so proud of you. You’ve inspired me.

  19. You look great, now what suggestions do you have for us older women that
    have carried babies and crossed the 40 plus metabolism threshold? Has you
    mom tried with your? 

  20. looking fab miss p as always! Keep pushin’ boo!@Misstp90

  21. Check out MissPtv’s Weight Loss Journey Winter 2013: Holiday Eating &
    Drinking Tips! #like #share #subscribe 

  22. miss P you are such a joy to watch. I just want ur opinion on this. ok I
    play basketball when I can. my arms are good I have a nice cut / definition
    but my tummy not so much. what can I do about my tummy as far as excises?? 

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