1. wow you look great . 

  2. I wish I had the drive to be focus like u

  3. Thanks for sharing you look amazing you go girl!!!!

  4. You look amaaazzinngg 

  5. I don’t like commenting on YT because of the changes because they’ve
    *PISSED* me off, but I HAD to tell you I think your progress is absolutely
    amazing and I’m so happy for you!
    I’m gonna check out that macro calculator site because I’ve *really* been
    considering paleo, (even though I’ll have to give up rice if I do. That’s
    why I’m STILL considering it. *How do I give up jollof?!*) and I want to
    get down to about 140 (loose like 35ish lbs). Low carb is out of the
    question, so thanks for the site. *CONGRATS* on the progress and keep it
    up!! Much love, XOXO

  6. U look amazing..serious motivation


  8. @ade52286 Thank you so much. I’ve always been a picky eater so there’s only
    a handful of things I like to eat. So I just figured out a way to make
    healthier versions of my fave foods. It helps to not feel restricted
    because that can lead to binges. For instance I had fried rice this week
    but I just changed the ingredients and took out the excess oil. I also
    made a low carb/low sodium efo recipe and I eat that by itself or throw it
    on some brown rice. When I go home for Christmas I’ll be working on a
    joloff rice recipe for my mom because she’s trying to lose as well. I’m in
    the process of adding more recipes to my blog so I’ll include the joloff
    recipe when I figure it out.

  9. You’re amazing and I love your hair!!! It’s giving me life right now. Keep
    up the good work and congrats. Imma New subbie thanks!!! 

  10. Just from the pictures I’m proud of you ! Makes me wanna do it soon ! 

  11. How often do you exercise per week? And for how long?

  12. Fantastic! And your hair is beautiful!!! I love it!

  13. +ShesNaijamazing what camera do you use? x

  14. YASSSSSS MoMo! I’m gonna start mine! I just don’t know where to start! lol

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