1. keep it up looking real good

  2. Where can i find the recipes?

  3. Wow you look amazing I’m going though the same thing I lost 50 pounds last
    year and became complacent and gained it all back .Now I’m trying to get
    back on track it’s great motivation to see how for you’ve come.

  4. I love you miss P! You inspire me sooo much! I deff. can relate to getting
    all complacent n feeln myself LOL! I got distracted & gained but I got back
    down even lower than I was! You look great and you stay consistent! Love

  5. You doing your thang!

  6. yes I would like to know the recipes. thanks

  7. Miss P you are a inspiration hunny!!! I am also on my 2nd round of T25 and
    it still kicks my ass lol but I stick with it! As far as the haters what
    motivates me more is when people say “You’re losing weight!!” Thats the
    best feeling ever! Also Miss P did you start losing weight faster in one
    part of your body instead of the other? For my my lower body is bout gone
    lol Keep up the inspiration though!! Oh and what shoes do you workout in?

  8. Hey MissP, I’m kinda stuck in neutral trying to get motivated to start a
    diet and working out. I try to walk a few miles a few times a week and try
    not to overeat. We just got 8.5 inches of snow in Philly but hey that is
    more than what we got all last winter so I can’t complain. I wish you luck
    with your diet and exercise and you look healthy and active. I intend on
    joining a gym or YMCA soon. The Eagles won against the Lions in
    a ” Blizzard Bowl” today so I’m happy about that. Peace

  9. Where can I purchase this plan?

  10. Looking good. Keep up the good work. Hopefully I will have great results.

  11. you look good darling!! well done!!

  12. I’m so proud and so happy for you! I’ve been watching your videos for a
    long time and you’re an inspiration to me! 🙂 

  13. Forgot to say, you look GOOD! The thumbnail for this video is pretty as
    hell, I like the big hair.

  14. I am very interested in joing the body by Vi program you are absolutly
    right about wanting to loose weight but not knowing where to start and
    listening to you talk about this program sounds like something that would
    be great for me so yes I will be emailing you and thanks so much mIssp for
    such another great video

  15. You go girl. Ya look good!

  16. How do you lose weight in face

  17. So happy for you. *proud sistah* kudos! Keep on keepin on babez!

  18. GET IT!!!!

  19. Hey u my height Lolz…we both smalls 

  20. How often are you getting to the gym these days. You look real good, keep
    it up chica

  21. SoloStarJanuaryMusic

    5:00 Ayyyeee! Thanks for the shout out homie! Let’s get it. Vi-Life baby!

  22. Ms. P do your thang! 

  23. miss p you gone make me cry ,you help me be sooo motivated and determined
    for get bck to the gym

  24. I want to be on your challenge! 

  25. You’re doing awesome. The weight loss difference is amazing. I love how you
    don’t mind helping people. Blessings!!!

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