1. Wow thanks for the great explanation! I kinda knew a little but now much

  2. Is part 2 coming up?

  3. great explanation…you’ve left us hanging…more!! and, thank you for this!

  4. Hi Deidre. Not sure why you feel you were left hanging? Sorry you feel that
    way. But we put some articles links in the description above that we hope
    will fill in the gaps for you. Let us know and thanks for your interest.

  5. There is no part two. This is a sample video from our female fat loss
    formula program.

  6. It was such an awesome vid., Thank you again. I guess the conclusion for us
    peri-men. ladies would be low-low carb AND low cal? I guess that is the
    part I’m not too clear on…cuz just eating clean Paleo ain’t workin’ for
    me 🙂

  7. I follow almost everything here, thank you for this. I just dont quite
    understand the phrase at 4:04 “remember estrogen makes you more insulin
    sensitive or less carb reactive” > If someone is more insulin sensitive
    doesn’t this make them more carb reactive?

  8. If you are more insulin sensitive, you are less likely to have high insulin
    levels and overactive fat storage. An insulin sensitive person needs less
    insulin to do its job when carbs are eaten. Therefore you are less carb
    reactive, meaning carbohydrates are less likely to cause fat storage or
    slow fat release when you are insulin sensitive. If you are more insulin
    resistant you need more insulin to do the job and therefore more likely to
    be carb reactive.

  9. Great info here, thanks. Just want to clear something with you tho…if we
    are oestrogen and progesterone deficient during menopause what do yout
    think about natural supplements? I was advised to do this and saw great
    results but then I’m not sure if it was the new eating plan, the ME
    training programme or the supplements or even all three!! I’ve since
    stopped the oestrogen it was expensive and I wasn’t really happy about
    swallowing these huge tablets every morning…..:-/

  10. Great info, thank you.

  11. loved it.. i need a diet to follow to loose weight.. 45 year old woman in
    menopause.. struggling and sad 🙁

  12. The video is very much informative to loss weight.

  13. Drug Free Menopause Treatments

    Great explanation sir. Very helpful for women who wants to get rid of
    excess fat

  14. Thank you love that you are addressing this subject so interesting and so
    true. I also as well as going through menopause have an auto immune disease
    and I am on biologic medication. …… sometimes it is not as easy ” Just
    do it” so thank you for educating us more mature fitness girls 🙂

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    easy way for you to melt fat fast.

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