Weight Loss Diets (The Facts)

Let’s face it; if all those “lose weight fast diets” out on the market today really worked, we would all be in great shape no problem, but the truth is, most, if not all of these fly by night diet plans never work for a sustained period of time.

I’m sure if you have tried a diet plan or 10 in the past, you have noticed a reduction in weight in the beginning, but trying to keep it off becomes a very arduous task with little motivational intent to keep at it for long enough to fit into those jeans you wore in high school. (providing you still have those jeans after all these years)

Dieters are, and will keep searching for the Holy Grail: The one diet plan that helps them lose weight fast and keep it off, but most often experience shows that these quick-fad diets simply don’t work.

While it’s difficult to find a program that actually works, there are some steps you can take to help you in this area…Naturally.

Calorie Intake with the Right Foods

Over the years you may have heard many so-called experts tell you that in order to lose weight, you must lower your calorie intake. This unfortunately may be the reason you still have an extra few pounds stored on your body…let me explain:

Depending on your BMR (basal metabolic rate) you may not be taking in enough calories to feed your body enough energy to burn off those extra few pounds. Years of yo-yo dieting is known to reduce your metabolism rate from up to 30% and you may need to rectify this issue to get the desired results from your intake of food.

If you have a physical demanding job, or exercise on a regular basis you will need more calories than a person who doesn’t. Go online to find a detailed report of your BMR calculations, or click here to go straight there now. When you find out how much calories you should be taking each day, create a plan to acquire those calories by eating whole grains, nuts, vegetables and lean meats.

After a couple of weeks (maybe even a month or two) your body will begin to repair itself naturally and you will begin to see those pounds fall away as a result. Do not try to rush this process, if you do, you will end up becoming unmotivated and do what most others do, which is to abandon the process, give up all together and set out to find that holy grail diet plan that doesn’t exist. If you stick to this process you will find that any weight loss you achieve will most likely be permanent.

With this process you can very easily drop a pound or two each week. You may not think this is a life changing amount but believe me, the results will be life changing over time as you will be losing those pounds for good and most importantly, you will feel much fitter, have more energy and it’s a sure plan you can stick to…period!

Forget About Starvation Diets

If you are desperate enough to starve yourself in an effort to lose weight fast, I have news for you…it doesn’t work. Forget about what you hear on the T.V or read in a magazine. Every person who has used this method in the past has always put the weight back on over time, and worse, most often it is more weight than they initially lost in the first place.

If you want to be at a healthy weight then the best way to go about this is by feeding your body what it craves for, which is a healthy balanced food plan that’s sustainable. Most weight loss diets will leave you feeling hungry, tired, dehydrated and heavier than you were at the beginning. Your metabolism is a natural cycle that exists at different levels depending on your physical, emotional and social status. When you stay within the range of your natural calorie intake you will be promoting a healthy metabolism that ends up working with you rather than against you.

Exercise is Always Important

I know this can seem tough for a lot of people, either they don’t have the time or the energy to exercise regularly. Ask any expert and they will tell you that exercise is one of the most important steps in the fight to lose weight. I will go one further and suggest that exercise without the proper nutrition will most likely be in vain.

If you decide to plan your own diet the natural way then I guarantee you will begin to feel more energized after a week or two. When you get to this stage then it may be time to throw in a 30 minute exercise routine every morning or evening to amplify the process of losing weight and get those lungs expanding, blood flowing and muscles working.

The truth is, if you treat your body right your body will reciprocate and you will feel more energized, sleep better, improve your mood amongst many, many other natural benefits. Start off your exercise plan with a short 5 minute warm up, throw in a 15 minute cardiovascular routine and finish off with a 10 minute strength training exercise. In a couple of weeks you will feel a whole lot better and there is no doubt in my mind, you will begin to look healthier as a result.

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