Weight Loss Diet – The Most Effective Diet Plan to Reduce Body Fat

There are so many trends and fads to be aware of when considering a weight loss diet. One minute you hear ‘no carbs’ then you see an article heading in a magazine while in line at the grocery store promoting an ‘eat everything you want’ diet. The bottom line is there’s a lot of misinformation out there. There’s also the fact that what works for some may not work for you. However, a weight loss diet that has proven to be effective is carb cycling, or what is often referred to as the zigzag diet.


The concept of carb cycling is fairly simple, as you will go a couple of days with very little carbohydrates then you’ll have a high carb day. Each day you’ll keep your fats and protein intake about the same. The idea here is to deplete your body of carbs, then carb load. This philosophy is based on forcing your body to use all carbs for sustainable energy. If you’ve ever been on a low or no-carb diet, you’re fully aware that after two or three days you’re agitated and have no energy. The truth is that most people need healthy carbs in their diet so they’re body can function properly. This plan helps keep your energy levels up while forcing your body to become a fat burning furnace.

The number of days you do low carbs and high carbs on this weight loss diet is determined by your own personal goals. If you’re carrying an unhealthy amount of body fat then you’ll want more low-carb days; perhaps three low carb days before your carb loading day. If you’re just looking to tone up and cut some stubborn body fat from problem areas, then two low-carb days then one carb loading day should suffice. Two good indicators to go by are the mirror and how your clothes fit. Neither one of those will lie to you.

Try this program and see how it works for you. You should certainly be doing some sort of daily exercise while on this plan in order to burn calories and for overall health. Play around with days in regards to low-carb and carb loading days. You can start by doing the 2/1 (two low-carb days following by one carb loading day). If you’re not getting the expected results of this weight loss diet add a third low-carb day in the mix.

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