1. Very sexy feet, Tara.

  2. i miss u!! Tara <3

  3. Astghik Bagdasaryan

    so fast…

  4. taras voice is so soothing. please read an audiobook

  5. please , do it a little slower

  6. Wow that was fast

  7. omg way too fast to follow… enjoy watching you doing it though haha

  8. The flow is like ~~~~~~~~~~
    so smooth ~~~

  9. Tara, I love you, but i agree with other commenters that this moved way too
    fast. It ruins my “flow” to pause and backtrack the video.

  10. For people who think this is fast at first, try this as moving rather than
    posing. The movement is quite slow and fluid, and it just keeps moving.
    Every movement of your body leads to another movement – up leads to down,
    back leads to forward, even each breath lifts you on your inhales, and
    releases & lowers on your exhales. You’ll get connected to every inch of
    your body this way. You’ll get free! And it just plain feels great :)

  11. 10:56 :)

  12. Missed your yoga videos!

  13. Tara, thank you so much for these wonderful videos!! 

  14. beautiful…

  15. So Have to fast?

  16. I love this yoga routine, it’s not that fast! Is this vinyasa yoga?

  17. Dear Tara. Nice legs. 🙂 <3

  18. AMAZING ONE! I’m trying to do this one twice a day (since it’s just 13
    mins) 3 X a week to get better balance and strength. Thanks Tara! Love love
    LOVE what you do!

  19. loved this! could you please make more videos like this? :)

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