Weight Loss And Fluid Intake

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A key objective of any weight loss program is to change your daily food intake into something healthier. Combined with a system of exercise a healthy diet is one half of a successful campaign to lose weight however many people actually overlook the damage that drinks and the intake of certain drinks do on weight.

We all know that we should be drinking several glasses of water every day to keep hydrated and it can also go some way to helping with getting rid of those hunger pangs that often accompany the early stages of dietary changes. However, even if you drink the recommended intake of water per day that one soft drink can undo all your good work.

We are not saying that soft drinks should be eliminated entirely from your diet as one every now and again (the same with most things) is fine however cutting it out this intake on a daily basis can do wonders for your figure.

The same goes with alcohol. Alcoholic drinks generally have the most calories in them and while a glass of wine for instance can be healthy, overindulging can have serious consequences in your attempt to lose weight. The key to all of these things is moderation. You need to be able to enjoy these guilty pleasures in small doses and perhaps the hardest part of losing weight is actually cutting down on things such as alcohol, fizzy drinks and sweets.

Going back to water, there was a research study conducted and published in 2010 that showed interesting results in regards to the link between water intake and losing weight. The study involved 48 overweight adults who were aged 55 to 75 and they were split up into two groups. The first group ate a low calorie diet for 12 weeks but did not drink water before the meal whereas the second group did (they drank 500ml of water before each meal).

After 3 months the results concluded that the second group lost around 2 kg more on average than the first due to this water intake. The basis for this was in the fact that the people in the second group said they felt fuller when eating so actually ate less during their meals than those in the first group.

The real key to staying positive and having a successful weight reduction program is to reward yourself with little pleasures now and again. Some diets maintain that you need to go completely cold turkey and cut everything bad out of your diet but this often leads to depression and results in less enthusiasm for the cause.

Making a realistic goal plan to lose the pounds then rewarding yourself with a little treat when you reach that goal is the best way to remain committed and motivated to losing weight. It can be a difficult journey from start to finish however taking things one step at a time and setting yourself short term goals and rewards will result in successful results.

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