Weight Lifting Using Natural Ranges Of Movement

Weight lifting as originally conceived was concerned mainly with generating strength and power for the achievement of an dominant physical enviable presence. The notion of size and physical performance was not strongly related. From those early strongman days through to the Arnie days right up to the modern day Ronnie and Jay days of Bodybuilding society has set perameters of what the perfect built body is. People admired huge arms and chest but also admired small thin tone tummies. Huge thighs but poor calf muscles and almost flat arches. Fortunately as Biomechanical knowledge and developments advance the real power of functional weight lifting is truly being unlocked. More and more there is a progressive trend towards athletes are drifting away from more traditional older bodybuilding exercises to more advanced bio mechanically intelligent excercises that facilitate more functional, natural ranges of movement generating power and strength in proportion to normal biomechanical movements. The 2 legged squat does by no means represents the real movement of running and therefore will not develop leg muscles accordingly in proportion and so will not make for equivalent increases in performance. The Glut and Quadriceps muscles use a disproportionately large amount of effort with low emphasis on the Hamstring. The bench press does not replicate the forward and rearward action movement of the arms during movement of the exercise. The leg curl focuses on the flexion aspect of the hamstring rather than the rearward pull on the leg, this can often lead to strains and injury. In fact it is probably fair to say most traditional excercises tend to focus on increasing muscle size alone almost no concern to the biomechanical impact of these exercise.

This fact is that many types of uneducated weight lifting can be a dangerous pursuit for budding sports enthusiasts. Many suffer ACL injuries and ankle injuries and lots of other problems caused by poor weight lifting. On the positive side there is now an increasing trend where functional fitness is becoming the training of choice for athletes and the sepration of bodybuilding to strength conditioning will lead to a more competitive sporting world. Hammerstep is a new solution to functional hamstring training, check it out at www.inno-v8.com.

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