Weight Lifting Fat Loss

Although fat loss from regular exercise is healthy and will help you in your weight loss efforts, adding weight lifting to your regimen will give you the toning and definition you will want as you are trimming down.

Many think that if a female does weight lifting and body building she will get big muscles and look masculine. This is not the case unless that is what she is striving for. Professional female body builders do try to build their muscles and they follow specific routines that will do so.

Women can incorporate some modest work outs for body building which will help to add some lean muscle, build some stronger bones and help to prevent bone loss. As women get older these are even more important reasons to add some weight lifting routines to their normal exercise workouts.

When you reach 30 years old 10% of loss of muscle has already occurred. It will take more calories to support a pound of muscle so you will be losing a portion of your ability to burn fat as well as losing definition and shape. Lifting weights will help to turn this around and keep you healthier longer.

Before starting your weight lifting get some professional advice on setting up your program. Most gyms will be glad to offer advice and answer questions when you are first getting started in your weights and resistance training.

One rule to keep in mind is that after intensely working out you need to rest your body for 1 day. This will give your muscles time to repair the little tears that can occur with a workout. In between sets be sure and do some practice stretching and some warm ups also.

Make sure you drink plenty of liquids to keep hydrated when doing your training. Steadily and slowly increase in small intervals the amount of weight you are using.

Including some cardiovascular exercise in your training will also help to increase the fat burning. Cardio exercise can be done every day and will make you healthier and stronger while your body is getting leaner.

Working your abs each day will help them tighten and firm and would be a good regular addition to your routine. There will be a visible change in the shape and size of your abdomen and waist with the abs workouts.

If you have never considered weight lifting as a part of a fat and weight loss program, maybe you should think about it. What have you got to lose?

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