Weight Gain Network Reveals Extreme Body Weight Workouts – A High Intensity Take on the Basics

Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

The common body weight exercises can be a bit of a bore and not that challenging for somebody that already has a high level of fitness, yet the ease of working out without equipment has great appeal. Push-ups, sit-ups and single-leg squats are just a few exercises commonly thought to be the extent of body weight workouts. While these tried and true exercises can still have their place, Weight Gain Network has developed 5 intense body weight workouts that are anything but easy and boring. Even the seasoned athlete will be challenged by these advanced muscle building exercises.

Using body weight as the only source of resistance means that they can be done anywhere there is space and a few spare minutes. These exercises build solid and strong muscles and are also great to improve coordination, flexibility and provide a total body workout. Each exercise is clearly outlined and demonstrated by Weight Gain Network Expert Troy Adashun. The intense group of physical challenges described in the article will be difficult to do for those just starting to get in shape, but can still be used as a fitness goal to work towards.

For those looking for more advanced exercises that can challenge muscle control and provide a real test for stamina, these body weight workouts will be the solution. With so many options for ways to get fit, it can be difficult to identify which exercises have the greatest effect on the body to achieve the desired fitness outcome. The over-riding focus is to involve the whole body and exert maximum force, as indicated by a couple of the names, ‘Superman Push up’ and ‘Leap ups’. This workout will cover all the tenets of exercise: to burn calories, build strong muscles, enhance coordination, and improve endurance and flexibility.

An important element to include in a workout is to have a bit of fun in the process and gain the physical strength to take an exercise to the next step. These 5 movements will take some real effort for some and may not be able to be properly performed as Troy describes, but are all able to be integrated in some way to gain the extreme strength to complete correctly and to perform more at a time. Taking care of the whole body through exercise, proper nutrition, wise use of supplements, and adequate rest are the winning steps that make up a stable foundation to be fit and well-built. When all those factors are meshed together, these types of high-intensity physical feats are a fun addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Gain Network is a Pompano Beach, Florida based company that provides muscle-building advice to skinny guys who want to bulk up. Since 2010, Weight Gain Network has committed to creating the best videos and articles to show men how to gain weight fast. For more information on Weight Gain Network, please visit http://www.WeightGainNetwork.com.

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