1. very very important useful advice video on Weight Gain Diet For Skinny
    Guys, really very helpful video I like it highly.

  2. Lol its a smart idea

  3. That’s very true – that would probably work for people struggling with
    obesity as well.

  4. This is a great video. I like it.

  5. wow It is very use full video to who wants to improve their body.
    because i had a lot of confusion in maintaining my body now i really very
    cleared thank you very much.

  6. Weight Gain Network

    @GymMuch I’ve been doing this for a few years now and have not gotten sick
    once. I know a lot of bodybuilders who do the same thing. As I said in the
    video, chicken usually won’t last a week, so I usually cook that twice a
    week. And if you’re worried about the beef, then sure, cook twice a week
    instead, that’s fine. It still beats cooking every day. The point is to
    cook as much food as possible ahead of time, as long as it stays fresh.

  7. @WeightGainNetwork Cool, thanks for the tip Jeff, You’re definately right.
    Its all about preparation to get all your meals in a day. I sometimes eat
    Tuna, which is convenient for me because I go away for 4-5 days for work.
    Good video!

  8. any tips to get 6 meals into my day while im at work?

  9. what about skinny people tho? why couldnt it say its healthy but it will
    make you gain weight? i fucking hate fat people

  10. does rise last week in the fridge?

  11. I fuckin hate how people don’t do shit and talk shit on me for bein skinny
    just cause I look skinny dont mean shit cuz.

  12. Hi umm, I’ve been working out for a couple months, I am about 5’8″, and
    around 123 pounds. I have a couple problems. One, my biceps are really
    short, and there is like a 1.5 inch gap between them an my elbow so when I
    bend my arm my bicep like, hides under my shirt and you can’t see it.
    Second, my legs are really skinny. My upperbody is not that skinny, but my
    calfs are really skinny. I’m always embarrassed to wear shorts, and stuff.
    Any tips? Thank you.

  13. Wow..helpful videos guy! i just subscribed and love the videos. my
    boyfriend would really appreciate these hes skinny and not very muscly yet
    and needs help for it.

  14. donotmicrowave

  15. @zomgmage damn man i feel u on that one bro fukin hate that shit i lift
    weights like crazy but im skinny event though i lift alot thats why im
    trying to bulk up and then get cut

  16. Just dumb the food on a pan to heat up instead of micro wave unless ur act
    work I suggest taking a salad with protein. U also need salads to gain
    weight don’t forget the veggies

  17. @WeightGainNetwork Hey Jeff check out my page and see my results from only
    a week!!

  18. HAHA!! i cracked up so hard when i herd that he prepares a weeks worth of

  19. DutchStyleBlacclouDs

    containers with no BPAs?

  20. polypropylene ones have no BPA in them

  21. lol sooooo true

  22. True. But not all 6 meals need to be cooked. Weight gain shakes, smoothies,
    I eat a lot of raw foods, etc. Besides, microwaves are unhealthy too. I
    haven’t used a microwave in 8 years, I don’t even have one in my house.

  23. i weigh 72 kilos which is 12 and a half stones should i be consuming about
    1440 pre workout

  24. And no, I don’t have a gluten allergy or anything like that.

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