1. The POV was great!

  2. every pound lost is a victory.
    From the looks of that POV, pretty soon you wont need to take a maglite
    into a fight.

  3. Keep going Wings! Haven’t checked on you in awhile. 

  4. Those go pro shots were awesome. Keep it up Jodie. The boxing is coming
    along nicely and you are speeding up nicely. Proud of you bud.

  5. Hells yeah, go pro

  6. I love these goals that wings has. I have a few fitness goals of my own:
    sub 40:00 minute 10k
    sub 5 minute mile
    12 sets of sprints on the treadmill at 8% incline, 10 mph

  7. How heavy are those Dumb bells?

  8. Well done wings bro.remember……never quit!

  9. This is the view of wings beating up on the noobs haha this is great Jordie
    give us more POV ya dig?

  10. People say forget the numbers but i used to look at it as a high score,
    when id go to the gym id try to beat my friends in how much we could bench
    and stuff and it kept me motivated 

  11. Bro you look SOO much better. Loving the fallout lp btw!

  12. great video wings, I’m behind you every step of the way

  13. I think the reason you aren’t losing weight very fast is because you aren’t
    doing nearly enough cardio. Most of the exercises you are doing here are
    strength-building exercises. But keep up with the good work Jordie!

  14. don’t worry so much about the weight, that will come. What you eat has
    everything to do with it. How many inches have you lost, that’s my point.
    Good Luck brother!

  15. keep up the great work wings.I believe in you

  16. Did anyone else get goose bumps at the end of the video when he said i’m
    going to try and change my life. I have commented before saying
    inspirational but its gone past that i myself have the built up the will
    power to go out and exercise. I don’t know about you, but i am so excited
    to see wings in a couple of months. Wings if by any chance you are reading
    this you have majority of your subs loving these videos and keep it up.

  17. BEAST camera Angles!

  18. wings remember that it takes you about 4 weeks to notice a change in your
    body, it takes ur friends 8 weeks and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.

  19. 4:30 Dat ass in the back left

  20. Wings I did not even think that was you in the thumbnail. You look so much
    smaller now.

  21. was it the rocky music?

  22. Keep it up wings soon you’ll be beating the batches back 

  23. You killed me with the masturbating comment on your left arm hahaha

  24. This will definitely be your year, Wings. You’re past that stage that
    everyone comes to where working out feels like a chore and to the point
    where it feels good to exercise, which makes losing weight that much

  25. You’ve stepped up your video! Nice Wings, this will really be your year!

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