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Skinny guys often wonder about how to grow muscles. Several regimens exist which incorporate weight gaining tips for scrawnier individuals. It can be difficult however to find one that suits you, or even work up the motivation to give some a shot. Maybe you worry that you will accumulate additional fat if you perform regimens meant to build muscle. Perhaps you doubt your ability to eat the amount of food suggested by certain of these programs. You could even be wondering if these weight gaining tips are effective. Myself being quite skinny have had similar issues, which is why I created my own skinny guy workout routine .
There is nothing wrong with being skinny, this is the first thing you need to know. Generally speaking, there are a lot less health problems associated with being skinny than there are with being overweight, aside from eating disorders. I won’t go as far to say it’s easier to gain muscle than it is to lose fat as either takes hard work and time. In this article I will tell you about a skinny guy workout that will first bulk you up and then explain the best method to grab that new bulk and find out how to grow muscles.
No-Nonsense Muscle Building is an extremely popular skinny guy workout program. Known as “Skinny Vinny”, the program’s originator, Vince Delmonte, was a stereotypical skinny guy of 150 pounds, who ultimately added another 40 pounds and grew into a famous fitness model. His addition of mass continued until he reached 210 pounds, with only 10 percent fat content.
This is certainly a great story for skinny guys. His website boasts numerous success stories for other skinny guys as well. However, the weight gaining tips that he proposes just aren’t right for me. While the muscle building workouts are better than most bodybuilding programs, I don’t agree with a lot of the diet recommendations. As an example, the suggested level of caloric intake is exceedingly high, at 5,000 calories per day for a person weighing 200 pounds. You certainly add muscle, but add a lot of fat as well.

Such a process is typical of a “gain and reduce” strategy in which you put on a great deal of muscle in the initial stage before you work to shed fat afterward. See how you react when your clothes become tight. Are you willing to feel overweight for half a year? Thinking that I would soon have a larger midsection and need to buy a new wardrobe, I simply could not proceed with the plan. I followed his advice for a while but by the time I had increased my weight by 20lbs I just didn’t feel it was right for me.
This is not to say the program could not work for you, it may be just what you are looking for, for me however it didn’t quite fit with my aims. I didn’t want to look too massive, I would rather simply look toned. That leads me to an alternative muscle building workout.

Somebody called ‘Rusty Moore’ created a regime called ‘Visual Impact Muscle Building’ With this regime you do not simply gain 50lbs before you start to gain muscle. With this regime you instead start by adding 10lbs of toned muscle. Realistically, this is the most muscle you can add within 6-12 months anyway, unless you’re a beginner. Even seasoned bodybuilding devotees taking steroid enhancements typically gain fewer than 15 pounds annually. If you put that 10lbs of muscle in the correct places, you will look double the size but still look amazing in you clothes.
But, my favorite aspect of the regimen is its ability to help you attain a movie star appearance. You will not look like a body building gym rat but instead a clothes model. Think of Taylor Lautner’s transformation for New Moon. A three-stage formula comprises the Visual Impact system, and it is meant to grow muscle size and then work on muscle density. You will not be forced to seriously speed up your calorie intake on this regime.
For any skinny people looking for weight gaining tips the best thing is to avoid any programs that recommend boosting your calorie intake too much. What you need is a regime that will slowly but surely increase your muscle mass but not make you look massive. The bodybuilder look might be something you aspire too, however this is not right for somebody with your body type. Take a glance at some of the most famous media figures and you are likely to notice that females tend to gravitate toward a streamlined, movie star appearance. Avoid the lure of muscle building regimens meant to help you gain a quick 50 pounds in factor of a more effective skinny guy workout program intended to intelligently and precisely add 10 pounds of muscle.

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