Watch Company Employees Learn Of Increased Health Costs Due To Obamacare

A local news station brings viewers inside one Pennsylvania company as the employees their learn about their new health care plans under Obamacare.


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Updated: February 4, 2014 — 11:11 am


  1. Pay your fair share Obama Voters! LOL suckers!

  2. Thanks for electing Obama – twice! Now eat your expensive shit sandwich and
    learn to smile when you’re getting ass raped.

  3. Obama and his administration are BASTARDS!
    My insurance is going to go up 40% and my usual $2000 deductible $5000
    These people in government SUCK!
    They need to get out of our lives 


  5. The next time an Obama loving liberal tells me these price increases are
    all lies, I’m going to punch them right in the throat.

  6. This same scenario is being played out all over America including at the
    company I work for. This is what you can expect going forward from now on.
    the Obaminites have struck a severe blow against the middle class.

    NOT LET THE GOVERNMENT CONTROL your Health-Care or Lives!! Obama is a

  8. The ONLY WAY WE CAN FIGHT back is vote EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT out of office
    come November! Harry Reid MUST not stay as the Senate Leader!!! 

  9. I was cancelled from my health-care then I was re-instated for January.
    Then, after much panicking, I was re-instated for February. Now it will all
    end. I can’t afford the deductibles in O-Care. I don’t even trust the site
    with my social security number. There are too many getting hacked. This
    stupid O-health-care is NOT affordable.

  10. When are socialists going to learn that Robin Hood is a fairy tale and
    doesn’t exist?

  11. Honestly, I think it was his plan all along – to force people off their
    private plans and go on their socialist garbage.

  12. This is heartbreaking to hear, what is everyone going to do? This makes the
    “Affordable Care Act” aka Obamacare just a money maker for the government
    by forcing people to buy it or pay a huge tax and not have any coverage.
    This bankrupts families and they cannot afford health care or their house
    payments, utilities and food. So, so sad. 

  13. All you stupid and ignorant voters are pissing me off…. you ruin this
    country because you listen to the happy box in your living room…. then
    you go vote. PLEASE if you do no independent research… do not fucking

  14. Yikes!

  15. My sister’s premium was $125.00 when she was working. She had retired two
    years ago. When she signed up for Aetna in October 2013, she was 64 and not
    yet on Medicare.That premium was $723.00 monthly with a $3000.00
    deductible. She was frantic by mid December trying to be covered by Jan 1
    st.And frantic to be seen at MD Andersen in Houston.The stress level was
    incredible for her.(She had used up her savings and with a loan from her
    son,had the initial cancer surgery in Oct.) She had a blood clot break
    loose and go to her lungs. She died Dec. 18,2013.That was one week after
    she signed with Aetna. MD Andersen had finally admitted the week before
    that after having jumped through hoops for their admitting office,she would
    not be considered until after the first 0f 2014. The reason…They were in
    a state of flux on new admits due to Obamacare upheaval. Obamacare says
    they are not responsible to return the $723.00 to her family .Aetna says
    Obamacare marketplace is responsible,not them. Disgraceful and a sad state
    of affairs.He is ruining our healthcare system. This is only the tip of the

  16. Obama & Pals lied about “if you like your health plan” and “if you like
    your doctor”.Please don’t tell me that he lied about “$2,500 a year
    savings” as well !!!!

  17. You Voted for it America . Not Once, but Twice. So Enjoy it.

  18. America will only recognize that they’ve been duped when they unlearn ALL
    that their Commie College Professors pumped into their tiny little pea
    brains. I’m not against education. I’m against indoctrination. Dear God, I
    only hope we survive Obama and the Democrat party. 

  19. just in time for the cancer epidemic coming to the USA due to fukushima do
    you think Obama didnt know what was coming to you all pre planned .

  20. How of these people voted for King Obama? Fools!

  21. THERE not their. c’mon.
    Also, hussein is a kenyan.

  22. This is, without a doubt, a planned transfer of wealth in keeping with
    marxist direction. Now we know how they will do it, do you think anything
    different will happen with the environmental controls obama intends to
    saddle this country with or the amnesty?? I doubt it will be any

  23. Each year the rates will increase more and more.
    You think it’s high now, wait a few years.

  24. So, so far, six FUCKING IDIOTS have voted down this video. Why? Because
    it’s FOX news lies!!! Oh wait. No, this isnt FOX news. They voted it down
    because they are mentally disordered, sycophantic liberals. They are
    disgusting, dangerous, foolish idiots.

  25. Americans, remember what you had prior to Bill & Hillary? If you don’t, ask
    your parents. You had the best quality health care at the lowest prices –
    in the world. But you persist in voting in Leftists, because they make it
    legal to murder your babies and give special rights to special interest
    groups. What is wrong with you?

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