1. could insulin been given to type 1 diabetics maybe causing the type 1
    diabetes?maybe if they detox and eat natural clean food could they could
    stop the insulin?

  2. There is a war on the American people, a war against LIBERTY.A war against
    the Constitution! Resist the system on every level that you can! Time to
    get off grid & grow organic gardens.Time to “ALTER or ABOLISH” the
    UNamerican Gov on every level!

  3. Now I see why n.korea and half the world hates american citizens. First the
    government brainwashes citizens into fighting to bloody our hands for their
    personal hidden agenda. Then they poison us. Withhold knowledge and info.

  4. I agree that the FDA is being taken over by Big Pharma and many of the
    Chemical Giants, Mansanto for one, but mounting legitimate evidence is
    showing that the VAST majority of so called supplements are a huge fraud ,
    no different that Big Pharma. I had a real hard time accepting this idea,
    it’s almost like a God, but it is true.

  5. One of the main reasons against living in the USA

  6. Here is a simple simple solution! Just walk away… yep, that’s right. At
    this moment, grow your own organic food, create a small cash based business
    and the heck with taxes, buy some inexpensive land and build a house for
    $2500, etc… just walk away. Go to freeyourmindandthinkcom or freedom in
    an unfree world on fb. Just walk away and stop giving the gov and companies
    your money.

  7. Obviously the devil gives all the false answers to Governments worldwide!

  8. Very well said…VERY!

  9. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. If it’s not found in nature, avoid
    it. If it’s not organic, avoid it. Be careful and check if your food is
    gmo, grass fed, organic, fed hormones. Be cautious and demand the best for

  10. It takes a special kind of idiot to give this video a thumbs down/dislike.

  11. FDA = federal death authority.

  12. Best health decision is to go whole foods plant-based now if you haven’t
    already. There are enough support groups everywhere to help. It costs
    nothing and you’re health will be a ton better. Plus, its good for the
    planet. Read up on CAFO’s and how bad they are for the U.S. A Chinese firm
    just bought the largest firm. Guess what? Production will be ramped up and
    this won’t be good. Have you seen China pollution? Look up the PCRM
    article: Meat The New Tobacco.

  13. if fluoride is so good for us and our children then why does the dentists
    put special coating covering peoples teeth? buy bottle water to drink yep
    great but you cook with fluoride water, don’t you.

  14. If you are a vegan you need to take vitamin B12, and if you don’t get
    enough Sun you might need very high doses of vitamin D (up to 5,000
    to10,000, iu, in some cases), and for some, chromium might be useful, but
    other that, all supplements are waste of money and may well be dangerous.
    Supplements are big business, and many are manufactured by drug companies.
    Don’t get fooled by the supplement industry. They’re not friendly. A good
    wholefood diet is all you need for your nutrition.

  15. Did you know that large quantities of supplements are bad for you, but the
    your big bad FDA is banned from warning you. I think they are protecting
    big business, as usual.

  16. Did you know that large quantities of supplements are bad for you, but the
    your big bad FDA is banned from warning people? I think they are protecting
    big business rather than the ordinary guy, as usual. What do you think?

  17. Google this site which shows the scientific evidence that taking
    supplements is unnatural and dangerous: vitamin supplements dangerous but
    government cant tell you

  18. I think you’re right. As far as food goes, fermented foods are especially
    good, such as sourdough, fermented oatmeal, various fermented drinks, &
    many many others. Herbal teas are also good. Chia seed drink is very good;
    coconut oil. These are some things I know from my own experience & research.

  19. Gary Null is a fraud with a wall paper diploma he bought in a store.

  20. Its like the US Treasury– Goldman Sax executives. I wouldn’t be surprised
    many FDA are all former pharmacy company executives.

  21. Easy to type nonsense. The FACTS are not a “fraud.” You are.

  22. I like turtles….

  23. They attacked the health food distribution too. They want us dead.

  24. They want us dead.

  25. They only approve drugs that attack the liver. Liver failure is up in the
    last 20 years by thousand of percentages. They are on a mission to poison
    and kill everyone. You don’t fly lets over people and spray them with
    Barium and Aluminum Oxide and then hand them a cure. You hand them
    something that makes you more vulnerable the effects of Fluoride,
    artificial flavors and dyes.They want us dead. Rockefeller and Gates have
    to be eradicated from this planet. No other solution.

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