1. What is the difference between the police and a gang off the streets? I
    don’t see much difference, except a uniform.

  2. Why does the government suffocate medical innovation, while enabling the
    establishment, with their side effect-laden therapies to financially

    Award-winning documentary-maker Gary Null’s new film “War on Health”
    answers these questions with irrefutable evidence. Watch it for FREE right
    now and please SHARE it with everyone you know! http://youtu.be/2Sw6EUkBwxY

  3. Legalized crime and organized crime…….. no difference. They both take
    your money, your life, and your freedom.

  4. Excellent! Thank you.

  5. Part of the DISEASE ECONOMY: Keep the people sick to generate massive
    profits, as healthy people do not give corporate Amerika enough money, just

  6. a little over the top but some truth in there wrt to FDA and big agro

  7. Yep. The FDA is evil… Now think for a moment about the SEC, Treasury
    Dept, Federal Reserve, I could go on and on. Soon, the reset button will be

  8. Fraud & Death Administration

  9. Youngevity is the BEST way !!!

  10. Thank you so much..!!!

  11. It is time to end the Mafia and break their knees by putting them in a
    position called living in the streets like they have done to their brothers
    and sisters. If they see how the others live they won’t ever try this
    again. I want to make clear they all need to be prosecuted even to the
    Governors that allowed US to be Chemtrailed and not speak a word of it.
    Ignorance will not be an excuse for crimes against humanity. We Win and
    that is the end of the story 🙂 David aims for freedom:) Loves

  12. Stand Down all CIA, FBI, and MILITARY and come to your senses before YOU
    too are brought to justice for your collaboration with the same ones that
    Use you to do their bidding. Better get on the side of the people cause YOU
    don’t WIN and the WarMachines WILL be beaten into Plowshares where WE have
    Enjoyment of the life WE came here to live. BETTER take heed to change your
    ways NOW and do the Right thing and stand down and Lie down with the Lambs
    that DO forgive but NEVER forget. WE WIN 🙂 Loves

  13. Jct: I hope people are waking up to the fact their governments are out to
    keep them sick at the behest of some masters who want it that way. Scary,
    isn’t it? Yet they lose all power once money’s fixed. As community
    currencies spread, the banksters get no more interest and lose their power
    to keep their debt slaves sick, drunk, in court over stupid prohibitions,
    anything to keep their brains off their chains. But every trade with
    underground money hits them where it hurts, in the wallet.


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