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Page 3 Walking Shoes Invest in comfortable walking shoes. Take the advice of the salesperson at a shoe or sporting good store. The support and comfort of good walking shoes will

Sample Email to Senior Management/Bishop on Starting a Walking Program at Your Diocese/Group Email from: Your Name To: Sr. Mgt/Your Bishop/Manager

Walking Program development by American Council on Exercise (ACE) in collaboration with the AHA Intermediate Weight Loss Workout Note: This 12-week program is designed for the intermediate walker who wants to lose weight.

We have a new programme for our Spring 2012 walks. The programme details our weekly walks up until 4th April. Our next walk

Walking Program Yields Successful Results Participants reduced stress, lost weight and increased energy by taking part in a walking program • Of those walking to lose weight an average of 6.32 pounds were lost (an increase of 1.58 lost over last year’s

There are many ways to lose weight, but it is not always easy to keep the weight off. a formal weight-loss program that can help you make lifelong walking program and illustrates warm-up stretching

Different walking surfaces 3. Walking to lose weight and fat 10 common mistakes walkers make, and how to avoid them start a walking program. For me, walking is a wonderful part of my life, both professionally, personally and socially. I

Your walking program. “Can I lose weight and • Walking is a weight-bearing activity, which helps maintain bone density. This can help prevent osteoporosis. Everyone Wins with Fitness Walking Fitness walking has something for everyone, even people who

Lunden a member of the Walgreen's Walking Program Board of Consultants the Walgreen’s walking program and will provide updates

Very good! =) So far, family time and great food!!!! Now for Inspired to Walk Program! I had my great friends Crystal Vargas of West San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Regimen, do a five minute warm-up routine. You are about to start on a 20 minute walk program. On days you are walking briskly, you should start gradually

Season of the Walk &Talk for Health program. Walks begin in Penn Yan on April 10. CommunityFinger Lakes Health. “The walks will provide an opportunity for

A five-week walking program, aimed atduring the span of the program. We are out and walking in the beautiful summer

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