Volleyball workout Tips?

Im trying out for varsity volleyball next year and over the summer I wanna workout to be in the best shape. I jump very high for being short but I want to jump even higher than most tall girls. I've seen it before and it is possible for a small girl to jump as high as a tall girl. I'm very fast but I don't have good endurance. I need tips or workout advice please!!!!

I'm pretty short too, and I had one of the highest verticals on my varsity team. There's a few things you can do:

Blocking against a wall: What you do is stand close enough to a wall so that your toes aren't touching it, but the tips of your fingers do when you jump. Block using the wall as your net. Do reps of 10 and build up the amount each time.

To build your calves: All you do is go up and down on your toes in 3 sets of 10. You can use a wall, chair, or bedpost to keep your balance. Don't rush though it either, take your time.

Blurpee: Every team calls them something different, so you may already do these, but to do a blurpee make sure you don't have anything around you that you'll hit with your legs or arms. First, jump and block just like normal, then drop to the ground on all fours so your arms are straight out and your knees are bent, then push your legs out so you are in a push up position. Then bring your legs back in and jump up and block again.

Quickfeet: Get into the standard passing position and move your feet up and down so it's like you're running in place. Go as fast and hard as possible. Do this for a minute and build up the time as you get stronger.

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