1. Boogie you are AWSOME
    and keep up your really awsome and really hard work^^

  2. Link and you play fallout on twitch

  3. I read comments while watching the video so I nearly commented asking why
    everyone’s saying link? 😀 lololololololol I get it now

  4. Good for you 20lbs!!! Love your content

  5. Link; e-cig mods. Good luck and best wishes for your weight loss goal. :)

  6. Well the reason for the view drops are simple. Exams. Oh and playing a Link
    between worlds.

  7. BIGT EatsChugsNReviews

    you the man boogie love your vids dude

  8. New House Production Studios

    I just link hearing you talk Boogie :)

  9. + boogie2988 We should play League of Legends, Summoner name is Thanatos
    Draco and we can LINK up

  10. Keep it up! can’t wait to see before and after~

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    eat in a day to help show others. Please link up with my youtube channel
    IanTaylorPro to watch. I am never hungry. I didn’t start working out until
    I felt good enough to workout. No drugs. I’ve lost 78 pounds and still
    counting. I walk my talk. LINK LINK LINK 

  12. my favorite link is the one in majora’s mask

  13. Good job boogie keep up the good work.

  14. Link- Boogie, do you still play Torchlight 2?

  15. Link you must save Zelda…again. 

  16. Boogie, can I add you to my LinkedIn network? Glad to hear you’re doing so

  17. link. link. link.

  18. Good on ya mate,keep it up 🙂 link

  19. MegaMinecraftFantasy

    Link ;)

  20. Not grammar correct but i believe my satellite up LINK is faulty today. 

  21. Link 

  22. boogie, you share a special link with your viewers that keeps us coming
    back everyday for more content. keep it up with the weight loss because im
    praying for you man!

  23. I like the amount of links that you put in the description :)

  24. Good luck with your diet ^^ it’s upsetting at times, but you’ll get through
    it! And what link does Link links in this link?

  25. I’m actually putting let’s play zelda a LINK to the past videos on my
    channel please go check them out. Trying to get past the noob stage of
    uploading on YouTube

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