1. I watched a video of a girl who ate a vegan diet for 10 years and
    she started to get sick, after many doctor visits they found that she had
    depleated her micro nutrients down to a critical level, death would have
    occured next, she was critically close. She was eating an occasional egg
    and yogurt and that wasn’t enough B12.

  2. He helps me apply the science to being vegan.

  3. Ha. I hit the like button, then the play button. B12, Great videos! OH YES,
    definitely taking B12 regularly as a low cost “insurance”, as I don’t often
    chew on vegetables stained with soil, or fruits with B12 on them at the
    stem etc, as I’m yeast intolerant. Dr. Neal Barnard of PCRM, Physician’s
    Committee for Responsible Medicine, and others who understand B12
    deficiency point out that non vegans are as likely to be B12 deficient.

  4. Meat eaters are B12 deficient. This is not only a Vegan/Vegetarian issue.

  5. I’m vegan for years, I never took any B12 supplements and I feel great. It
    is said that B12 deficiency causes the brain to skrink, however my memory
    and mental performances have never been better than now. My feeling is that
    B12 deficiency occurs when people eat mostly cooked and processes food.
    People eating live food sustain their B12 level. 

  6. Everything balanced.

  7. Being vegetarian is stupid be vegan dairy is worst for you than meat plus
    cows have to stand there whole life to produce it 

  8. Mechanized farming killed off most of the bacteria resp. for B12 in soil
    and the streams from which people used to drink. Studies have shown that
    produce grown in B12 enriched soil does not correct the deficit.
    Seriously. I don’t understand the inability to comprehend this problem
    …except that it shakes the faith too many have in the whole “Toxemia”
    religion and their rejection of medicine in general.
    Unfortunately no amount of science or personal suffering deters them.

  9. What foods are high in B12 if you’re vegan, then? :(

  10. Most meat eaters take vitamins too

  11. It is disheartening that many equate ‘natural’ with ‘healthy.’ Hemlock is
    natural and it will kill you. It is also discouraging to see meat-eaters
    saying vegans diets are unnatural because vitamin B12 fortified foods
    should be included in a healthy vegan diet. These meat-eaters have
    apparently forgotten that their milk has been fortified with vitamin D to
    prevent rickets, and their salt has been fortified with iodine to prevent
    iodine deficiency and goiters. The truth is we all rely on fortified foods
    in order to get adequate nutrition, weather vegan or meat-eater. The
    saddest part is that some of my fellow vegans friends don’t eat vitamin B
    12 fortified foods or take vitamin B12 supplement because of the
    misinformation out there. The scientific evidence and recommendations from
    medical experts (such as Jack Norris RD and Dr. Michael Greger) state that
    it is crucial that vegans get an adequate source of vitamin B12. If you’re
    vegan, please review the scientific literature for yourself. Your health is
    important to yourself, as well as to the movement.

  12. I just don’t believe it and think that B12 is much overrated. So I will
    move on with my vegan diet. Maybe it will kill me, maybe not. I know
    many more meat and/or dairy product eating people who need medical
    treatment than I know vegetarians or vegans. Thats all I need to know. Just
    my thoughts.

  13. I would like to hear about Biotin! Do you do one on this? Thanks!

  14. Vitamins havnt changed much in all this time. Great way to make money

  15. Chihuahuaization Amelie

    So, how much B12 should I take then? 

  16. Have you did a study on Red Bull is this a good source of Vitamin B12 and
    do the other substances in it negate the B12 intake?

  17. I started taking B12 six months ago and felt mentally more alert but made
    several other dietary changes at the same time so I cannot be sure it was
    the B12 causing the positive effect

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