1. Worst fekken Zyzz poses ever. Angles are off…Zyzz would not mire that
    toenail of a thumbnail…


  2. Watched Don Jon, kept thinking it was actually Nick Wright. 

  3. Wait what??? no dramatic music?

    OOOOOOHHH shit there it is….. 

  4. Nick you get anymore dramatic I’ll buy you a show on lifetime.

  5. Sebastián Bautista

    Fuck that fagget pose …..

  6. Bob doesn’t even know aesthetic pose. Lol


  8. Happy holidays, Nick.

  9. Alright the dramatic music is growing on me a bit

  10. for the love of god, the sexual tension in this vid was off the charts, so
    much unintentional innuendo

  11. with those sunglasses nick looks like muscle glasses…lol

  12. This video brought back so many feels

  13. Funny video by Nick Wright. One that is actually funny.

  14. i have nothing against scott, but he is one of the only real world stars
    who never did the rw/rr challenge. pretty pussy move on his part.

  15. Shnyarf 

  16. I thought Bob was Ivan Drago for a split second.

  17. I can not believe Bobby ate McDonald’s….

  18. Thought you were about to say it was scotts lambo

  19. Wow never seen so much kiss ass from nick and bob for Scott Herman 

  20. Damn. Dude you are gettin huge.

  21. Merry Christmas Nick wright and everybody ells 😉 :)

  22. Nick wrights genetically skinny yet has very good genetics for arms, defo
    atm upt 18 ish

  23. Awesome Studio SH has! 

  24. Yo check out this guys channel ” theksaboyz “. He makes home gym equipment
    its amazing how does it.

  25. scott herman is such a faggot

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