1. She doesn’t seem like the best person ever…..

  2. @RedTwiEyes just cuz they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re the best….

  3. @thunderrn I ment she seems stuck up.

  4. @RedTwiEyes its ust the language barrier thats why she may seem like that

  5. In what way does she seem stuck up ?? Anyways doutzen has to be one of my
    new favorite angel:D

  6. Come on guys, she’s an amazing person! She really is sweet 😀 Proud to be
    Dutch <3

  7. I want to kiss her!!! … she’s the most beautiful woman that I ever seen

  8. The interviewer is taller than she is?? Waaa..

  9. Holland <3

  10. she’s joking and bright.

  11. i love how honest she is about not being able to diet in the holidays, not
    giving off this usual i never eat vibe

  12. @tcqdrsh lol you guys using youtube as your wank bank. you only really need
    one site its where real girls go to get naughty check this out

  13. i really love her <3 shes always very elegant and sophisticated-looking
    with or without makeup

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  22. she is so so perfect why don’t I look like that?!

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