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Dilip has arranged that this year, the Vegsource Healthy Lifestyle Expo will partner with the 2012 IVU World Vegfest/Congress and take place 12-14 Oct (Fri-Sun). Thus, people can attend one or, even better. both the SF and the LA events.

VegSource Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2011 – 14-16 October, 2011, Los Angeles, USA – www.HealthyLifestyleExpo.com 3rd China Xiamen Veg Food Fair and International Forum – 20-23 October,

To Healthy Lifestyles Expo International Vegetarian Union Conference and Healthy Lifestyle Expo in Los Angeles earlier this month. Speakers included Dr. Neal Barnard on Dear VegSource Reader: What an amazing EXPO 2012 we had last weekend! Wow!

October 8-10th – Healthy Lifestyle Expo in L.A. Held on the weekend of October 8-10th at the Los Angeles Sheraton Gateway Hotel near LAX, the

. This is an excerpt from Novick’s 80-minute talk at the VegSource 2007 Healthy Lifestyle Expo, and part of a 12-part series of top health expert presentations. In

Giraffe approves!) On Sunday, October 17, 2010, the speakers at the Vegsource.com Healthy Lifestyle Expo met on a Q&A panel to close out the weekend. Distinguished

Two New Vegetarian Tunes! I first sang these songs at the Vegsource.com Healthy Lifestyle Expo, in Burbank, California, in October, 2005. Download the music here: American Beef Cow If I

Or online donation at www.us.tzuchi.org) Vegsource.com has posted of my talk last October in LA from the Healthy Lifestyle Expo. Check it out. Jeff Nelson uses

Vegsource.com has posted an excerpt of my talk last October in LA from the Healthy Lifestyle Expo. Check it out. Jeff Nelson uses part of the clip to advertise the DVDs of the entire

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