1. YOU CAN EAT ANYTHING! Just Modify it ;);) Vegan is so cheap and easy.

  2. yeah veganism is non-existent in Kuwait because everybody thinks it is the
    better diet .. you can’t believe how much I endure because I went vegan, I
    get teased alot and it’s like “disobeying god ” or something ..btw welcome
    to Kuwait 🙂 so looking forward to meet you :)

  3. Sis 😉
    Yeah, I’ve been vegan since last July, and by now they are beginning to
    accpet it, mom even tried it for a week .. but nobody here approves of
    veganism LOL

  4. I like your honesty 😀 xxxx

  5. are you from Kuwait?! lol we’re kinda neighbors 😛 (Israel ) i’ll be glad
    to hear your opinion on fitness , what’s working for you and stuff :)

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